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    Default NGS Launch Maintenance Extended

    It looks like the NGS launch maintenance was extended.

    They expect to post an update at 3:00am PST.

    Edit: I should have mentioned that this announcement was for Global, but maintenance is extended for JP as well.
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    good i didnt ask for vacation for this day :3

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    Sizustar Fo/Te 75/75 - Ship-2

    Screenshot dump
    url][email protected]/[/url]
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    they should change this meme, make it "maintenance 2"

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    I can't get into PSO2 period, I just want to play the vanilla game. Some people on Discord are saying it's an IP Ban, that using a VPN works. I hope it's not the case, the ping with these things are horrible.
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    I got in with vpn, couldnt without.

    I am hoping it is just same issue as the yahoo server back then...

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    It seems like there's an IP ban, so no one can't log-in or Ships showing Online when your IP isn't located in the Japan region.

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    I have TunnelBear VPN, but it's not working.
    Fan Art of my Character & Matoi Defending a City

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    ...Not an IP ban. I don't wanna go thru setting up a vpn again. Playing vanilla wouldn't be so bad atm.

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    GG. No PSO2 for me anymore. KK. Bye.

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