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    They actually did it... Great, that's just great. F*** me.

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    It's no wonder, with a Global Version now and MS pouring-in the cash, they want a ROI. Anyway, I canceled TunnelBear and got another VPN, it works, just got to figure how to get in vanilla PSO2 now.
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    I personally won't worry about this too much, especially since I play on PC (and I imagine a ton of others here do too). Tweaker's telepipe proxy came up when a lot of people needed it to play JP and I doubt they'll just entirely give up on getting it up and running again. We'll eventually get a solution and hopefully this gets lifted or bypassed without the need of a VPN or proxy.

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    Conspiracy theory:

    - They enable IP restriction so that the non-Japanese playerbase on the Japanese servers use the Global servers to get their fix
    - A part of the the above category of players will buy stuff for the Global version
    - Once the initial wave calms down, they remove the IP restriction.
    - The above category of players returns to their heavily-invested characters, and spend even more money on them
    - Optional: By the time the above happens, these players will have been slightly attached also to their newly characters, so they will be buying stuff on both versions. Double win for Sega.

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    well Global all ship are full

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    So who here is *actually* able to play?

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    I'm using IPVanish VPN right now, works for me just fine. Maybe NGS will work somewhere down the line without a VPN. I don't know if it's actually an IP ban or maybe just routing problems again, like back in the day with the DDoS attack.

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    Well, IP ban or not, the English portion of OG PSO2 is broken, might as well wait. As for NGS, well it's better than the videos made it out to be, still not sure if I'll play it however now that I've "unlocked" OG PSO2 with all of my characters.
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    Been using mudfish vpn with ngs, cost $0.01 for like 4+ hours (prbly more but got to stop). Working well. Hopefully the block is temporary.
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    I'm on ExpressVPN and I got an infinite loading screen after class creation. Nice.
    Keeping US players off their servers could have been solved 9 years ago by just localizing the game like they kept promising.
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