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    Default Pc Taking a Long time to shutdown

    Hi. I'm having an issue where my pc takes a long time to shutdown after playing.
    It only happens with PSO2 and not with any other game.

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    We need more information to be able to help.

    - How long after closing the game do you select to shutdown your pc?
    - If you wait a couple of minutes and select to shutdown, does it take equally long as selecting to shutdown immediately after closing the game?
    - How long is "long"?
    - Does your pc show the desktop during the long shutdown procedure, does it show the Windows splashscreen with the dots going in a circle and the text "Shutting down", or does it show a list of programs that it waits to respond before shutting down?
    - After closing the game, does your pc feel sluggish as if it is doing a lot of work in the background?

    Some technical data could help (CPU, RAM size, hard drive where Windows is installed and hard drive where PSO is installed (if different))

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