View Poll Results: Be honest,do you still go to a Storage Station to withdraw items?

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  • Yes, but by choice

    8 53.33%
  • No, it's pointless

    2 13.33%
  • Yes, but I keep kicking myself whenever I do

    5 33.33%
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    yes because you can only access your pso2 inventory from the terminal and not from the menu.
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    don't you still have to use the storage station to store/transfer meseta between characters? that or I never payed attention to doing so when im out in the field.

    Either way, I use the storage system when I'm the city out of habit but still feels natural to do. material storage also helps for when im affixing or w/e and if i need to pull stuff out of storage to sell, i just go through my storage via the menus. When I'm out in the field, i do the same and access all storage from wherever i'm at. Mixed bag for me, not a fully useless station to me at least.
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