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    PSO2 and NGS remind me of how RPGs struggled to offer long-term value due to small available memory in the NES-era, expanding their lifespan by ramping difficulty up and forcing players to farm. On the other hand, games such as arcade games could be played again and again. One thing that I liked about PSO2 is that even though it still had farming in its DNA, all the different quest types made endgame feel like walking into such an arcade, picking whatever you like and improving just for fun whereas NGS feels more like one of those RPGs. I enjoy open worlds, but I don't think PSO2 benefited from it.

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    Not too much activity on these forums nowadays, guess all of the "PSO2 is dying" videos that YouTube has been recommended must be not too far off. Just curious, have any of the cons I posted back in 2021 been fixed?
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    Quote Originally Posted by the_importer_ View Post
    Not too much activity on these forums nowadays, guess all of the "PSO2 is dying" videos that YouTube has been recommended must be not too far off. Just curious, have any of the cons I posted back in 2021 been fixed?
    The Phantasy Star Fleet Discord seems to have a monopoly on the western PSO2 community from what I've seen since the Tweaker kinda points people there.

    As for your list of Cons:
    -Lack of Techs
    They have added 6 more Techs (2 for Wind, Light, and Dark) since launch as well as Compound Techs

    -Not having Titles from the start is not motivating me to play enough
    Titles have been added, and they primarily reward SG

    -Can't trade with other premium players
    This is still the case

    -No "My Room", they could have at least sent you to your regular PSO2 room without having to change game
    Creative Spaces are coming in June, and they are far more expansive than MyRooms

    -Speaking of which, you need to log out everytime you want to change characters
    They have added back the option to go to Ship Select without logging you out

    -Most new enemies are just ugly, very basic design
    This is personal taste based, but there have been some interesting new designs and remixes IMO

    -Recycling old enemies was lazy
    Since there does seem to possibly be a lore reason for it, I'm personally not bothered by this one much, though having a Rockbear reskin for 3 of the 4 regions is kinda grating

    -They should have limited certain enemies per areas
    This is still pretty much the same, though some combat sectors have more spawns of certain types and some even exclude some types (like the newest area being [almost] only DOLLS, but from every region)

    -Public chat reaches too far, it's very annoying
    I think there are now some options to reduce Public Chat, but I can't recall at the moment

    -Meseta is very limited. Enemies and selling junk doesn't give much and once you get all of the red box, it feels like all you have left is a weekly allowance.
    There are a lot more weekly Meseta Tasks as well as three Daily Vendor Item types which give a total of ~100k per day, but yeah, the majority of meseta to be made is from Scratches and rarer affixes (assuming you have Premium/a Shop Pass). (EDIT: As of 05 April 2023, Tasks have been updated so you get more Meseta overall weekly, but it is distributed mainly through Daily Tasks at 130k per day for completing your Dailies.)

    -EXP boost is limited at 10% for premium, 10% is you spend 250SG and 10% for Region Mag
    Aside from a couple of really big EXP Tasks before the 3rd and 4th regions, Yellow Trigger Missions are similar to bonus quests for massive EXP nowadays. Also EXP boosters are a little more abundant; you can trade in your unused free daily SG scratch items for EX+25%s and EX+50%s, and the Mission Pass has a few as well.

    -Sub-class almost feel pointless now except for when you need to get it to Lv15/Most skills are main class now
    There are more subclass usable skills now, but mileage will vary on how you feel about them

    -My main class, Fo, feels very nerfed now. It can't boost and most of its Skills are meant for PP and not making your techs stronger
    There are more power boosting skills for Force, on top of being one of the only two classes that can use Compounds

    -Very little story so far and I hope it doesn't turn out to be something like "ARKS were the real enemy the entire time!"
    They have added more story, including side stories, but there are still lots of unanswered questions, and there is still less overall story compared to PSO2 in the same time period from release

    -The music is also very generic. Phantasy Star OSTs always had something too them, but I'm not feeling this one (except for the Deads/Veterans music)
    Again, personal taste, but some of the newer tracks sound great to me, especially the Dark Falz themes

    -The game in general feels soulless. Phantasy Star games were always flawed, but had a certain charm, a soul to them. This one seems like a cookie cutter of how to make an MMO and they branded the name Phantasy Star to it
    The game is definitely more fleshed out and has had a lot of QoL fixes since launch, but again, mileage will vary
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anduril View Post
    The Phantasy Star Fleet Discord seems to have a monopoly on the western PSO2 community from what I've seen since the Tweaker kinda points people there.....
    Thank you very much for the answers, I may check it sometime this year (either before or way after Tears of the Kingdom).

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    The latest update really changed the game for me..

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    I am glad that home building will come to Pso:Ngs. I hope VR comes to the game.


    -I love the new creative space. moar sharing options.
    - open world concept
    - multiple coop options

    - so much pay mechanics its dizzying
    - so many menus its dizzying
    -No remake of pso (dreamcast).. I wants it
    - No twitch interactions like the cult of lamb game
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    ... well. Two years have passed. I've given the thing a more... involved chance (aka I've played a month rather than a week). So, what gives ?
    Who cares ?

    So to sum up, my prievous grieviances went as follows :
    - Boring core gameplay and simplistic gameplay loop
    - Lack of content (that one was universal really)
    - Not really feeling attached to the world at all.

    ... and I can say that two of those seem mostly resolved by now. While the game isn't overflowing with content exactly and it still can't hold a candle to it's predecessor or many contemporaries, well, there's enough still that it's... worth playing now. Like if someone were to ask me "should I give this a go", my answer has now changed from a resounding "No" to a "Sure". So that's good.

    As far as feeling attached to the world, obviously we have Creative space now, and while it's not the most seamless base building I've seen, I assume few people have many problems with it. It's a genuinely nice sandbox with remarkably few limits, even for complete F2P players.
    That's not all, though. Having more than one town also really helps, even though they're all fairly small. So yeah, I think this is largely solved as well.

    And then, the gameplay, well, well, well...
    ... it's still bad. I'm sorry. It's better though ! But it's a genuine struggle to find a weapon I enjoy using, while in PSO2 I had a good 6 or 7, with a few more I didn't mind. Here I have Slayer and Partisan Hu, but both get repetitive very fast because they lack many interesting tools. I don't ultimately care much for the dual weaponry system, nor does it seem like the rest of the community does. It also feels like their excuse to keep the PA count low, with several being quite redundant still, somehow.
    Anyway, to keep things... brisk(yeah right), I'll just list what I think is wrong in general.

    - Automatic combos by keeping the button pushed, are bad. No one else does it. Even if you still disagree with me to this day that this game would be better with just attacks, surely we can see eye to eye on this. People who don't want to engage with the game and just look cool have a function for that, do not force this shit on the rest of your playerbase. If there's no feedback, if the player doesn't do anything, how do you expect them to care. The dps isn't even that bad, like, come on. Fortunately, new classes seem to be moving away from this. I think. But it needs to be removed everywhere.

    - Photon dash should not remove your PP recovery. It is beyond me why this is a thing. Weaken it if it must, but there's no reason for this. Why punish your player for moving, or have them constantly begin new encounters with low PP, even if they've been running for a minute ?

    - As a followup, dash attacks being one of your primary ways to recover PP and basically the same mid range swipe on every melee class is incredibly boring after a while. More creativity, please.

    - Counter gameplay needs to be diminished. It is completely fine to have a few classes/weapons that focus on that, it's not like it's not fun. But ALL of them ? Give me some variety guys, jesus. How do you have ~15 gameplay styles and they all have the same game plan, what is wrong with you ?

    - Give. classes. more. tools. How have we gotten one new photon art in two years, how can force classes have 2 technics by element, do you realize that's less than a third than the original game ?

    As a whole, stop thinking that focusing on the casual, easy to play aspect of your game is a good idea. I'm not asking for Dante must Die here, but you're just hurting your player retention and the broad appeal of your product. As a community, beyond fashion, what are we to publicize if there's nothing cool to show other people ? The endgame being easy, while unfortunate, I can understand. But at least please make the core gameplay more interesting, you've literally done it already for the previous game, and it even worked better for you.

    Nobody cares that your game can be played while watching TV. The numbers have spoken, your approach isn't working. So change it.


    Now as for the gameplay loop complaint, it's not evolved much really(also I have limited experience with some specific content still). I will add that NGS does work as a... "daily game", at least. Which is not without merit. Overall I don't think it's great, but neither was PSO2's really. This... can stay, I guess. Whatever.

    So game better, still not there yet for me, felt like writing about it. That'll be all, have a good one, everyone. If you're still around for some reason.

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