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    Unhappy Concerns of how to get NGS to work on PS4/5 (VPN)?

    Sorry to trouble everyone but I have quite a question that I'm guessing not the only who is frustrated with this new change as a drawback. NGS was released last month and seems like after waiting 3 days in advance of downloading it for both PS4 and my recent PS5, it appears it no longer allows just anyone (who's not JP) to play on it anymore yet still takes downloading updates actively and etc which is disappointing. It worked earlier before then fine Pre-NGS and that was the last times I was able to go in. I've heard there's a way to get it via VPN on game consoles but I'm absolutely clueless how to get both to connect to them so, um, any ideas or info?

    I heard that Ivacy or iProVPN were fair candidates and then there's a costly Port Forwarding thingamajig but......?
    Might be pesky but if anyone already had theirs set up to do so, I'd like to know an easy or fair way you pulled it off please, before I end up having to buy Port Forwarding stuff and then may find out I didn't really have to or something.

    P.s: I found the switch version doesn't need VPN but it's unstable via error No.22 and only holds a connection for emergency burst-logins fairly 2 ~4 minutes or seconds; therefore is ill-suited for doing even at least minimal daily quests. [S]I'm also aware of the Xbox version and true that one's quite easy to connect to with almost no problems but that's an entirely different game which is a more unorthodox kind and not as enjoyable... (and let's not et started with the "community" of that one.......) which is not part of this subject.[/S]

    Extra note: My bad, realized there's a NGS section after years absence but this does count for also PSO2 itself since part of the game as well too if this makes sense and can't be moved (oops) as even to get back on that one as well the tutorial level needed to be cleared by one character to go back to basic PSO2, in which this case neither can be accessed on consoles anymore without VPN. Requesting topic to be moved accordingly if possible.
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    I am literally not dealing with this.

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    Option 1: Set a VPN on your router. This will affect all your devices connecting to the same router.

    Option 2: Use a PC with VPN enabled and tether internet to your console via ethernet cable.

    A good VPN provider will usually have guides on their website on how to setup each option. Good luck!

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