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    Hey fam,

    I've been feeling profoundly nostalgic lately... Not sure if it was hearing PSU's Mission Terminal music during Japan's 2020 Olympic games ( Guardians ) or seeing a promotional ad for PSO2NGS with a throwback PSO photos from back in 2000. Got me thinking back to when I played PSU at launch. Everyone that I met during that time, all those hours spent just literally chatting in lobby or my room. It's literally been over 10 years since the official servers shutdown and I've never really looked back to reflect on this until recent. Am I the only one? I'm curious to know if anyone I know are still online. Do you guys still play PSU? or perhaps moved on to play other titles?


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    To be truthful all I can think about when looking back is how SEGA treated the fanbase.

    I thought about trying out the private servers, but I figured it's time to leave the past into the past, much like how I stopped playing PSO1.
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