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    They're just cut off freemium players from a major money income.
    This single action worth dropping the game because it's nothing to do there anymore besides mindless grinding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kondibon View Post
    Lowering equipment costs would actually increase inflation and expediate the gap as they're one of the few meseta sinks in the game.
    150k for weapon fusion, 100k+ for every grind pot level, then 4k for each unit FODDER you feed to your main unit, with weekly wages of 500-700k, freemium has to select between gearing up or fashion, meaning the fashion market is steeper to enter even as a customer due to no money left after grinding gear.

    Normally as you brought up it would result in deflation so premium players adapt to the low amounts of meseta, but that's not possible on some low value items with the low price limit of 500k, resulting in offer and demand not meeting at all and thus items rotting in shops.

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    Upgrading gear sure is expensive, here I am waiting for boost week with my 1-star prims with level 5 fixers. They normally cost around 1/4 the price of upgrading a 4-star and boost week cuts it further by half. How long the prims will last I don't know but the prim sword is something I am willing to invest in!

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