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    Default NGS Tower Defense EQ: your impressions?

    I mean we all knew what it was going to be and the feel for it is about the same as every other TD and BQ. It was pretty meh to me, probably the only cool things I liked out of it was NGS Ragne and the music.

    Your guys thoughts?

    Evol series is 2nd best in case youre wondering
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    Tell you what mate, I'll decide when my topic goes into the QQ post or when it needs to be it's own thing, and you can do the same for yours. Alright, cool. Cheers

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    Having run it thrice since release yesterday, I can say it's more forgiving than the older defense type UH quests. It feels a bit aimed for the more casual players as the match went by pretty fast when I ran with a full party. It's well tuned for an 8 player quest sure but it's also just a re-skin of the old defense quests and a good one at that. I didn't expect much to be honest but it's fun.

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    be in a bad group to see shit was fun but i want S rank so there is no fun to see in competence group just smooth gameplan and kinda a bit boring it has nothing much for a one way TD need TD3 or something like Apprentice TD,Buster Double
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    It doesn't raise the bar in any way when compared to the pso2 iterations, which makes me question the point of NGS in the first place.

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    Pretty easy but fun enough. Will probably get boring after a month or so, but hopefully we'll get more content by then.

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    There's nothing to do for players with ~0% of damage boost and have no Force with Eradication PP Gain, PP Recovery Boost and PP Conversion picked. They're just lack of DPS and PP regen especially for classes bad in AoE. Melee in PUGs with no strategy have a hard time too.

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    I loved every single TD type quests in PSO2 and I also loved that one.

    However I find the Mobile Cannon thingy kind of disappointing, sure it can be useful but… meh.
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    oh boy cant wait for this class to be op on release and for everyone and their mom to run only this class for a week and failing all the EQs.

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    Ngs MD is better than base game MD for the sole reason of being able to pull aggro properly by simply just hitting a monster.In base they'd just beeline straight to bases no matter what and war cry?pffft.It is on the easy side though.

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    i liked the new defense mission , for now are easier just because we can run now like nothing.

    the mobile cannon its weird , but i wouldnt be mad if that its part of a new AIS model

    the alters participation increase my suspition about their role in the story .

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