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    Quote Originally Posted by Kintama View Post
    Kinda baffles me how they are fully choosing to only make the game relevant every six months AND expect the game to be alive in between these periods
    They don't. That's a pretty common concession for f2p games. Heck, even some p2p games. They very much expect people to come for the new thing, play a bit then wait for the next thing. I personally feel like they're banking on it too much with how little the in-between updates seem like they're going to be giving us to chew on, and if the new region is only as much content as the based game had at launch with a few extra things thrown in then it's feeling kinda sparse for a game that isn't planning some sort of actual big expansion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kintama View Post
    Desert, two eqs, story, 35 cap with 5* weapons, and myroom if we're good boys and girls
    Wasn't it Tundra? Either way, that doesn't tell the whole story on its own; if it's based on how the first region is, aka nice vistas with little to do in them, with story gated progression and grinding it out for a good deal of the levelling, once again the content will not last long...

    At least it'll be a more attractive proposition for complete newcomers regardless, that's the advantage.

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    man part 2 of the interview was really something

    The topics that bothered me the most:
    -"The urgent notice quest has been abolished. What was the reason for this?" (might as well just bring this back since its basically the same as PSO2)
    -"Is the so-called "waiting for a thunderstorm" an expected way of playing?" (People are still afk'ing for storms)
    -"What was the difficulty?
    It's a battle in general. I also played the version under development, and it certainly seemed pretty fast compared to other games. If you are a user accustomed to the raster of "PSO2", it may not be a problem, but it was reviewed because it is difficult for new users."
    (Ya I get you want to ease in new players but tutorials, etc exist and this didn't seem to be an issue with new players in JP or Global with gameplay speed)
    -The number of photon arts and techniques is smaller than immediately after the service of "PSO2". Please tell me the reason.
    -"A large amount of Meseta is required to strengthen the equipment. Is there any relief for this?" (just save, never spend bro lmao)

    There was a part 2 of the interview that OP updated on the page 1 so go Google translate it unless someone else is nice enough to translate the info
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    Quote Originally Posted by the_importer_ View Post
    Tell you what mate, I'll decide when my topic goes into the QQ post or when it needs to be it's own thing, and you can do the same for yours. Alright, cool. Cheers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyclon View Post
    Wasn't it Tundra?
    The story preview shows a desert setting, and Dune is releasing around the same time, so it is time to summon worms and fight for the Glory of Maud'dib.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ArcaneTechs View Post
    -"Is the so-called "waiting for a thunderstorm" an expected way of playing?" (People are still afk'ing for storms)
    There's second one - teleport between 4 towers in different zones in roration to farm Trials for money.

    I still rememmber an awful lags when almost whole block start to teleport after killing Gigantix. They're want this to return eventually?

    And yep wasting your time online on a storm/UQ waiting is supposed gameplay they're meant to, because a game we play can barely be named an open beta by current content filing. Otherwise SEGA's panically afraid of giving a playerbase solution of stable money income.
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    I really like the guy and his happiness. But the information he carries from his superiors are nothing but disappointments !
    No new PAs/Techs/Elements/Quests/EQ/Areas/Story until December ? But a shitload of AC Scratches for whores, right ?
    Why creating such an great open world if it's to not add any content and to let us explore only two plains and one cave ?
    Bringing back this utter shit who was in charge of PSO2-EP5 has been foretold to be an error right from the start anyway.

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