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    Default ZUTOMAYO Collaboration Items (NA)

    Speak the phrase "ZUTOMAYO" in chat to receive the following items:

    1x Nira-chan Hair (Hairstyle)

    1x uNIGuRI-Kun Head-Mount (Accessory)

    For those who want to understand what this collaboration means. The collaboration involve a new song written by "Zutomayo", and items in game made by Sega.

    If you’re not familiar with the name, Zutomayo is a mysterious Japanese rock band the members of which are unknown, but still managed to earn popularity since its debut in 2018, also thanks to its catchy anime-style music videos.

    Collaboration Announcement Livestream

    Song Teaser 1

    Special PV

    Advertisement TV

    Full Song Official Video (ZUTOMAYO)

    Full Song Official Spotify

    Official Site

    Officia Twitter
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