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    Smile Phantasy Star Portbale 2 Infinity Fan Remaster

    Hello all community members. I really need this message to be read by all forum members, players, artists and programmers. Most likely you will find in this message a very important hobby-job for you. All links about the project in more detail I will leave below.

    Already like one month have passed since I started working on this project and I really hope that every time I will be given everything as successfully as now.

    I am working on HD textures, enlarging them with artificial intelligence and painting these textures. I would also like to work on translating the game into Russian, work on this game for create launcher, make better control and changing the audio in the game. Now in order.

    For a start - about the game: In general, the game is now playable at the level of a normal PC game, but it could be much better. You can run it perfectly on the emulator, set up comfortable control using mods, play online with the help of VPN and install my developed texture pack. There is already a community where you can find active players to play online on different platforms. The game series has been developing for 34 years and it is this part that I and also other members of the same community consider this part to be the best.

    Now about art: I work on them as soon as I went to the Restoration project and saw what and how textures are made of. The technical plan is very light and the game looks much better with really good quality. If you want to learn how to draw, are really ready or just want to help, then I ask you, as in any other case of interest in the project, to write to me and ask about it. I will be glad to accept any help, at least in one texture.

    Well, about the development: Need any help with knowledge of romhacking, knowing languages, translation or PSP hacking. I want to find a way and create a program to translate the game into Russian. I already have several people who are ready to work on creating a program to translate the game. Now I really need this help, because if I really succeed in translating the game, then I will get a lot of feedback and collect my Russian-speaking community, after which I will try by all means from all the communities to try to create a launcher and make the game easier to control.

    If you have at least acquaintances who could help me in these "works", then I ask you to let me contact them, if possible.

    I would like to write about this in more detail for those who are really interested in all this, so if you have reached here, then it is unlikely that the following information will be superfluous for you. In it I will describe everything more globally.

    Let's start from the beginning. First, I needed to find out what I want and how I can do it. I want to play and talk with a lot of the game so that they like this game like me, write about it and work on it. Of course, for a start it would be easier to get people interested and let them know what to do. But how to do this if there are no people who already understand this already? First you need to learn how to do it yourself to such a level at which I would understand at least the most important aspects.

    And so the first thing is textures. I learned how to make textures by analyzing game files and working on them. I found all the necessary programs, I understood how to work faster and better. Now you can search for people and interest them in the same. After all, there are different variations of the possibility of work. Hobby work (do when you want), hard work (do because you really want to) and lazy work (do a couple of things when you want or need / will have the opportunity).

    After I find the right people, I will need to give everyone their tasks. Someone will want and be able to work beautifully on the characters, and someone will work on the terrain. When I find them all, I will have to find out how to correctly distribute them, so that everything moves forward with development as efficiently as possible and so that everyone likes it.

    Second, there will be a translation of the game. Hardly anyone will refuse this if they are all from the Russian-speaking community. It is known that the Russian-speaking communities value RPG very much. What we will do in here? I also would need to learn how to correctly translate, but I can do the translation myself. After that, if I understand that I do not have enough energy to translate, I will ask for help and give them the skills and knowledge of how to translate and of course I will show all the necessary programs for this.

    Thirdly, I will need to take all the help from people who can decrypt the game files on the PSP in order to make all the controls much better. I already have connections with a huge number of professional people in this business. It will not be difficult, given the fact that at that time there will be a lot of people who will want to do this or this happens.

    Well, now the links:

    Link to our Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity discord channel:

    Link to download my pre-texture-pack:

    Contact with me! Discord:Таник#9340
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