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    Default Ryuker Proxy is now open.

    For those of you not in the discord server, the Tweaker's proxy is now up and in "Public Beta". As of this moment the Tweaker doesn't give a notification that you can enable it through the plug-in settings (unless I some how missed the prompt). Hopefully now people with lower incomes or unable to pay for VPN services may now log back onto PSO2 and have fun.

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    Maybe now I can escape the cesspool that is the global community.

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    Wait, seriously? They're going to fix even that?
    I mean... thanks for the heads up, but... wow.

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    That's good news. Will we be able to run a private instance of this too? I recall doing that long ago, the last time we had an IP block. I don't want to share an IP with everyone else.

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