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    Question Would Phantasy Star Universe work in a D&D Setting

    Hello i'm Ryfia I also go by CelestCSlivari on Deviantart, I am in the middle of creating a D&D game based of the Story of Phantasy Star Universe: Ambition of the Illuminous and I am currently going through the weapons right now, specifically the swords.
    This is what I have done so far of the swords:
    I actually started to redo my weapons because I found this site
    this is my old doc for my weapons which came from the offline version of the game since i never had a chance to play online ever
    for anyone wondering I created my own planet and company (Alurasai Tech) before i found this site and made some weapons then after finding this site i decided to change a few things for my campaign to make it more personalized so Kubara Article and Alurasai tech are 1 in the same lol
    I wonder if I bit off more than i can chew
    these are some other docs i have created for this too

    This game i am planning doesnt really follow the normal dnd format but if i had to choose a format it would be 3.5e because you get many more options on how you would like to play

    also this is what i created of the races
    and this is the character sheet i created

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    Hey there! I am also building a Phantasy Star-themed D&D campaign, combining elements from different Phantasy Star games.

    Like you, I also am wondering if I bit off more than I can chew... lol! But I am going to review your notes here because I am knee-deep in this and am a newbie to D&D in general. Could use as much help as possible, so thank you for everything you've done!

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