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    Unhappy Want to play pso2 again...

    Umm ive been wanting to reset my story in pso2 to play it again.....
    i was thinking it would literally just strip my character of their levels but not items or meseta but there doesnt seem to even be a way to replay the story...
    is there a way to replay through the story without making a new account???

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    You have multiple options
    1) Replay through story quest from the bridge. Oracle can be replayed through Alma and you can change what episode you're on and speak to Xiera/Xiao to view the board and select specific quests from whatever episode you're currently on.
    2) Make a new character and play through the story again and make sure to choose to start from whatever story you want to begin with.
    3) If you want to just watch cut-scenes you always can from your room.
    4) If you don't have a new character slot available then you can either make a new account or buy a new character. (I recommend making a new account since it's free and takes you like 5 minutes max to do.)

    If you choose to replay story quests through a character you have, story progression and gear/currency is not tied together so if you go back to do early story you're going to be doing early story with early game level enemies and trials. If there's some other method I missed, I apologize. This is just what I remember off the top of my mind.

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    While this is great what i wanted was to basically start the game over in base pso2 from the tutorial mission..
    this means it would reset all of my story and progress with the characters in the world.
    i would keep all of my items and meseta but would have to re level all of my classes..
    i get that this seems like im just basically throwing away all the time i put into leveling but i honestly think it would be better for replaying the game.

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    idk why anyone would want to play the story over again from scratch but your only alternative is to literally just buy another character and go again. assuming you didnt already use up all your free character slots
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    You could also change which class you are playing to reset to level 1 if you prefer to do it that way.

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    well.. the thing is even if i do change my class and mag or buy a new character i still cant play through the game in the correct order as the quest replay counter doesnt list every quest in its intented order
    i also wouldnt be able to do character specific client orders that i may have enjoyed or experience certain cutscenes that require you to visit certain places on the ship
    what i want is what ngs did with their character progression and at least let me play through the story on each of my characters or give me the option to reset my levels story and relationship progress while keeping my items and meseta

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