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    Default imaginining a 2D Online&Offline Co-Op Turn-based JRPG sequel to PSIV

    section 0 - foreword

    section A - PROFESSIONS

    section B - SPECIES

    section C - GENDERS

    section D - WORLDS

    section E - GAMEPLAY

    section F - STORY

    section G - conclusion

    * * *

    section 0 - foreword

    This topic is just for fun, so even if everybody has their own idea of how they would have liked a theoretical Phantasy Star V to be... hopefully sharing my own will be worth reading about.

    Now, to commence setting the tone for such an imagined sequel, I must first explain that my own personal preferences heavily influenced the following design-ideas.

    This means that one of the absolute foremost themes in this game would be moving away from strife entirely.

    Hence my imagining the continuing progress made by the civilzations of the Algo star-system through the lens of older Science-Fiction stories that held tru;y utopian ideals, before the genre became increasingly jaded, as writers looking for creative inspiration focused more & more on how things could go wrong, rather than wielding their minds to shine a light on how things can STILL KEEP IMPROVING!

    If we can't conceive of behaving peacefully even if our fiction, that sets a bad precedent.

    So, as always be forgiving if I seem sappy at points.

    But I'd much rather a futuristic fantasy where the characters/players work together to overcome potential violence with unrealistic scientific & spiritual solutions, rather than another repeat of just murdering monsters to reach the happy ending of peace restored that apparently is too boring to even try imagining playing an action game within. Let alone telling more JRPG style stories set there.

    And all that adds into my personal preference for both "online co-op" and "offline co-op".

    Because that dynamic from the Gamecube version of PSO Ep.1&2 still holds the highest standard for playing together with friends that I personally experienced. Enabling camarderie in both real-life & cyber-space.

    (As touched on in my intro thread from the "Lounge" section of PSO-W, only the social phenomenon of Pokemon in 1999 united me with more like-minded people, but the games weren't co-op. So it was really the general world & characters that set so many people my age into that unified headspace. Trading the cards was possibly the best showcase of goodwill, since atleast where I lived, most people would give away extra vommons & uncommons to other kids that really wanted them. And that helped make the activity less money-oriented. Since not everyone's parents would buy them booster packs. And trading the cards freely became a way to bond for us, which transcended those financial limitations. It also linked groups of kids who normally didn't associate with one another, too.)


    ...returning to imagining a "2D Online&Offline Co-Op Turn-based JRPG sequel to Phantasy Star IV".

    So, about the stipulating that this game would be 2D & Turn-based, I'll briefly explain that the hope would be that an actual development team creating such a piece of software would have an easier time making more content, since that is one of the only flaws with big online games in the modern era: it takes a lot of time to conceive of, create, test out, and finally release additional expansions & patches.

    Theoretically, once the base game was established, a 2D sprite with Sega Genesis level detail would take less work to minimally animate, as opposed to more complicated 3D models and animations.

    This would save a tremendous amount of effort in making new stuff, whether characters or environments.

    Same with "visual novel"-esque static-image cut-scenes like Phantasy Star IV had.

    Even if utilizing big maps like Shining Force, that had the non-player characcters visible on-screen, as opposed to "random encounters", the actual process of creating "individual assets" would hopefully expedited enough that the designers could focus on creating & releasing story-drived quests much faster.

    That would keep the game interesting for players who burn through content quicker than developers can keep up with creating new stuff.

    Of course, all of this in theory.

    So who knows if what I've imagined would be any less burdensome to create, for a full-time team of Sega employees.

    And although I'm surprised oither "big-name" game-series like Final Fantasy never tried an Online 2D RPG like this, there are probably other factors why they have kept things 3D.

    From there, I'll just re-iterate that I know Sega will likely never make a game like what I'm imagining, but that's all the more reason why I imagined it!

    Enjoy all the little details, for whatever they're worth to you!

    * * *

    section A - PROFESSIONS

    Again, this sequel would be set after the final defeat of Profound Darkness, which means stuff like Dark Falz & D-Cellular Lifeforms as they existed in PSO Ep.1&2 would not be part of this scenario.

    While that doesn't mean there aren't ANY "shadowy spirits", such entities would simply be the "natural ghosts" that of the restless-departed, rather than infectious demons.

    With that in mind, there wouldn't be Hunters/Rangers/Forces as they existed in PSO Ep.1&2, either.

    Instead, I'm taking my cue from characters in Phantasy Star II, like Hugh, who was a Biologist. Or like Kain who was a "Wrecker". As well as the more general idea of an "Esper", whether part of the tradition practiced by Lutz, or something else with overlapping commonalities.

    Not only that but there would be a return of more "animal" companions like Myau from the first Phantasy Star, since I feel that was a unique aspect to the series which hasn't been further explored. But the point of mentioning "intelligent animal" comrades is that such entities wouldn't necessarily have a "profession" at all. They would simply help in whatever capacity they could during gameplay scenarios.

    Anyway, the descriptions for the 3 primary branches of playable professions shall now follow:

    1.) Biologist

    Expanding the idea of Hugh's character, if a player selected "Biologist", they would have several main objectives.

    Firstly, they would utilize a "Bio-Scanner" to analyze alien lifeforms from a distance.

    Such analyses would gather up all sorts of data, which would include determining if the entity was "natural" or "artificial"; if the entity was "material" or "immaterial"; if the entity was "docile" or "aggressive"; if the entity had any immunities or vulnerabilities; if the entity was capable of verbal or telepathic communication; and other such variables.

    This would better prepare the player & their team in determining how to approach such entities.

    Reiterating that the point of this game wouldn't be combat intended for murder, a player would use their own discretion of how they wanted to engage.

    Perhaps they'd use the "TALK" option to enter into dialogue with intelligent species.

    (Doing so would offer a longer sub-game of talking than what was found in Shin Megami Tensei NOCTURNE, but that is the game which showed an example of peaceful resoltuion through communication, that I personally played in the past.)

    Or perhaps they'd decide to use "Collect A Sample" from their list of options, if the lifeform was of a more "primitive" nature.

    If they wielded a dart-firing rifle, they could either use tranq-darts & incapacitate tje target, before acquiring a large sample from the unconscious target at close-range.

    But maybe they'd opt to use a syringa-dart to collect a small sample, which would keep things at a safe distance, before going in to collect the syringe quickly & fleeing.

    And this only covers the basics of a Biologist's functions in isolation.

    Their dart-mechanics could be combined with other professions' mechanics to achieve other outcomes through cooperation.

    Especially if the target is "synthetic" or "incorpoeral" and doesn't support collecting physical samples

    But ultimately, through gathering samples, a Biologist would then return off-world to concoct a variety of "SERUMs".

    And the main goal of the best "SERUM" would be to accelerate the evolution of hostile or low-intelligence species of aliens.

    By doing so, the player would help bring new entities into existence that not only elevate the worlds they inhabit, but from a gameplay standpoint, then provide unlockable options for the Create-A-Character.

    This same concept will apply to the other Professions as well, because each specializes in a certain of entities.

    2.) Technologist

    Next, we come to the profession inspired by Kain the Wrecker.

    Expanding his "demolition" & "salvage" of robotic targets in Phantasy Star II, the Technologist player would also focus on cybernetic entities.

    First, a Technologist character would "Inspect The Coding" of any given mechanical entity.

    This would determine what the ensuing options were.

    Potential outcomes would cause firewalls to flag an intrusion and trigger some sort of "hacking mini-game" (perhaps similar to NieR: Automata but I never played it, so I don't actually know if it truly fits what I'm imagining).

    Success or failure of the first sub-game would either: require usage of a "Signal Jammer" to scramble the transmissions sent out by a hostile robots to others of its production line. Before reinforcements are called in. Or, to start modifying the programming of the target.

    Robots could then be re-programmed into helpful allies.

    Of course, if a player failed the second sub-game, the robot would simply go completely haywire after having its coding tampered with.

    In such case, the final step would be to "Shut Down" the machine entirely.

    Even if shut-down a hostile robot can still provide valuable data, which might make subsequent hacking mini-games easier.

    And parts from de-activated machines could then be salvaged.

    Which could help the Algolians advance their own civilization through the acquistion of alien technology.

    So, the technologist would get to "Invent" items, that other players could use.

    And reprogramming enough Robots would also start unlocking new options in the Create-A-Character.

    3.) Spiritualist

    Here, we arrive at the profession catalyzed by the idea of Espers/Telepaths/Mediums.

    In keeping with the peaceful time-period, a Spiritualist player might have certain elemental techniques due to their psychokinetic capabilities....

    ...but the point wouldn't be to use Zonde to harm other lifeforms.

    Instead, this profession would focus on "Purifcation" and "Pacification".

    Disgrunted ghosts may have possessed weak-minded aliens, and it then becomes up to the Spiritualist to engage such disembodied troublemakers.

    "Synchronize Minds" would be the first step.

    Communing with a spirit, would allow the determination of whether it was benevolent or malevolent in its intentions.

    If benevolent, perhaps the "Talk Through Telepathy" option would see some success in helping the ghost reach the point coming to rest at all

    If malevolent, then perhaps one of several "soothing" mini-games would start.

    That would soften the spirit up, to being "Purified".

    But if the spirit is strongly stubborn, it might try possessing the Spiritualist!

    That would commence a psychic-resistence mini-game.

    Obviously, if you fail, your character would temporarily become CPU-controlled and either play pranks, talk in a deranged manner, or even force your character to attack team-mates!

    (Possession would be time-based, but it would last long enough that having more Spiritualists around to purify their own team-mates would be beneficial.)

    However, if the Spiritualist player did calm the target enough, they could begin communing deeper and help directly resolve the lingering trauma that is troubling the immaterial being.

    So successful purification would result in two positive outcomes: Firstly, a spirit would reach a state of peace and go on beyond. Secondly, if they were possessing a physical host's body, that alien species would again be free.

    Thus, as with the other two professions, if a Spiritualist purified enough targets, new options would become available in the Create-A-Character.

    ....speaking of creating one's own character, we will now discuss the playable species!

    * * *

    section B - SPECIES

    To start off with, I'll merely state how I wished PSO Ep.1&2 had atleast a few alien varieties to play with beyond the Human/Newman/CAST paradigm, so that influenced my following selections.

    1.) native Ryukrucians

    Styled similarly to Sa-Lews (the Courage Tower guardian) and De-Vars (the Strength Tower guardian)

    These somewhat-abstract, photon lifeforms are still emanations of the Great Light.

    But in the wake of Profound Darkness' defeat, the native Ryukrucians are no longer bound to guard the Fourth Planet of the Algo Star System which had acted as a Seal for so long. Hence, these spiritual/elemental entities are now able to expand their activities across the Universe.

    It would be the will of beings like Le-Roof to ensure that Algolians pre-emptively set out from their own solar system to benefit other galaxies as well, since the harmony of the whole universe can be so easily disrupted.

    This sets the stage for the main objective of the game: making pace with all civilizations of language-capable intelligence and evolving simpler species into new offshoots capable of reasoning, so that everyone can coexist without violence stemming fundamentally from ignorance.

    In terms of appearnce, Ryukrucian players would select from a pre-created range of orbs & stone-shapes, which could be arranged however the player wished, within the signature aura of spiritual-flames Able to change the colour of these living flames as well.

    Ryukrucian movement across maps would be based on hovering just above ground, but this would enable them to bypass certain terrain like lava or water, even if unable to fly across deep chasms.

    Lastly, a Ryukruvian player's starting homeworld would be Rykros.

    2.) ex-Palmans/Humans

    Styled similarly to characters like Ayn & Thea, as well as Alys & Chaz.

    As with all other Algolians, this species of Humans set off to elevate the intelligence & benevolence of other species around the Universe with the guidance of Le-Roof from Rykros.

    The Planet Palma was already destroyed long ago, so this species no longer has a natural homeworld.

    Instead, players will start off on one of several Satellite Castles that no orbit Motavia & Dezolis.

    It probably doesn't require to explain human appearances, but players can select from a wide-range of physical characteristics to customize things to their own preference.

    Ex-Palman/Human movement across maps would be entirely groundbound, so they would experience no major terrain advantages.

    3.) native Motavians

    Stylized similarly to characters like Gryz, a Motavian character will still resemble a bipedal bird-person with large insectoid eyes.

    As their very name implies, Motavians begin on their homeworld of Motavia, the Desert Planet of the Algo star-system.

    Salvagers of junk by tradition, a Motavian is well-suited to become a Technologist focusing on reclamation of alien equipment in need of repair or modification.

    In terms of variance in appearance, a player would select from a variety of beak-shapes, different body-fur lengths & colours, as well as different types of compound eyes.

    Motavian movement across maps would be entirely groundbound, so they wouldn't experience any terrain advantages.

    4.) native Dezolians

    Styled similarly to characters like Raja.

    Dezolians still remain worshipers of the Eclipse Torch's holy fire with ritualistic religiosity, so this inclines them towards the Spiritualist profession.

    The Ice Planet of the Algo star-system, Dezolis, acts as the starting home-world for a player who chooses a Dezolian character.

    Uniformly tall and green-skinned, this species probably has the least amount of appearance variance. (Atleast, without making them unrecognizable as a Dezolian.)

    Dezolian movement across maps is entirely groundbound, so they experience no terrain advantages.

    5.) Gynoids / Androids

    Styled similarly to characters like Demi and Wren, as well as Mieu and Miun.

    Gynoids & Androids still remain entirely humanoid in their appearance (unlike the more obviously robotic CASTs), but they do display small details that give away their cybernetic nature: such as the segmented joints of their limbs, or sometimes noticeable facial-seams.

    The Satellite Castle where Palma was once located, serves as their starting homeworld.

    Appearance-wise, a Gynoid/Android player can select an equivalent amount of physical-features as Human-players have access to, but the telltale segments-&-seams provide the subtle differentiating point.

    Self-aware, these robotic lifeforms have an actual consciousness, which transcends the divide between the mechanical & the biological, as well as the artificially-created & the naturally-created.

    Movement across maps can be made highly variable.

    Capable of self-modification, Gynoids/Androids can potentially dive deep underwater in a submersible-mode; speed across the map with hover-skates + jet-thrusters; or even take flight with hang-glider wings and soar through the sky, if they equip the necessary gear-parts. (SubMarine gear-parts; Landskater/Aquaskimmer gear-parts; and Aero-Jet gear-parts respectively)

    However, by default, these robo-beings begin groundbound with no inherent terrain advantage, unless transformed/modified.

    6.) Musk Cats

    Styled similarly to characters like Myau and Old Man.

    Musk Cats still remain highly intelligent & talkative quadrupedal animals, with small feline-like bodies, rabbit-like ears, and kitsune-esque tails.

    The Myst Valley cave-system on the Ice Planet, Dezolis, acts as their homeworld starting-point.

    During character-creation, a Musk Cat player can select from a range of physical attributes to differentiate their individual characters. These include fur-length & fur-colour; spotted or striped patterns; vertical/diagonal/horizonal/drooping ear-positions; the look of their chest-tuft * paw tufts; and an extensive variety of tail sizes & silhouettes.

    Musk Cats do not equip weapons or armour, opting to utilize their natural bodily-attributes instead.

    And those attributes will metamorphosize if a Musk Cat eats a Dezolian Laerma Nut: becoming steed-size and winged afterward.

    Laerma Nuts from alien worlds outside the Algo star-system all cause unique transformations when eaten.

    The Robot Planet's synthetic laerma nuts give them T.V. antennae-esque forehead feelers; a tail like an electric plug, capable of directly interfacing with machines; and shoulder-mounted jet-thrusters, plus hover skates for feet. Gains an advantage in terrain fit for flying.

    The Forest Planet's laerma nuts gives them long bug-feelers; wings alike butterflies or dragonflies. Gains an advantage in terrain fit for flying.

    The Ocean Planet's laerma nuts give them sail-like spines and fin-esque protrusions upon their legs & tail. Gains an advantage in terrain fit for swimming.

    The Mountain Planet's laerma nuts give them a unicorn-esque forehead horn or dragon-esque ear-horns; enlarged claws; and a skin-flap stretched between their legs like a gliding squirrel. Gains an advantage in terrain fit for climbing & gliding.

    The Shallow-Marsh Planet's laerma nuts give them leafy fronds for flipper-wings; a living bouquet of flowers for a tail; and wood-branches for antlers. Gains an advantage in terrain fit for flying &swimming.

    The Crystal Planet's laerma nuts give them crystalline protrusions from their ears, limbs, spine, & tail; as well as eyes that shine like living stars. Gains an advantage in terrain fit for hovering/levitating above the ground.

    No matter what nut-variety is eaten, once you've catalyzed the increase in size & the sprouting of strong wings, a Musk Cat player can transport 3 other players across the map together.

    Musk-Cat players can still shift between the different transformations just by eating a different nut, so their movement capabilities across maps are highly variable & open to great potential terrain advantage, but are groundbound in their default smaller state.

    7.) Rag Rappies

    Styled similarly to the PSO Ep.1&2 creature.

    The default Rag Rappy still sports feather-tipped bug-feelers aimed backwards from its forehead; penguin-esque posture & waddle-style; covered in yellow bodily-down alike a hatchling chick; winged-but-flightless.

    During character-creation a player can modify many attributes, such as recreating Love Rappies/Al Rappies/El Rappies/Pal Rappies/Del Rappies/Saint Rappies/Hallo Rappies, etc. So a colorful variety of Rappies with unique physical features can be made.

    The starting point for a Rag Rappy player is within the terraformed forest-regions on the Desert World of Motavia.

    Rag Rappies do not equip weapons or armour, opting to utilize their natural bodily-attributes instead.

    And in terms of movement, while their normal pace is a slow waddle, a Rag Rappy player can engage short-bursts of sudden-speed. However, the Rag Rappy remains groundbound, with no terrain advantages.

    * * *


    8.) Numans

    After evolving enough Musk Cats, a new generation of Numans in the benevolent style of Nei-second and Rika are then brought into existence.

    During character-creation, there would be the standard plethora of humanoid-options, but with the addition of a selection of different animal-ear styles, lengths, positioning & fur-patterns.

    The starting point for Numan players would be the Satellite Castle of Algo.

    Physically & mentally superior to regular Humans, a Numan is well-suited to any Profession.

    Movement across the map remains groundbound, but Numans are extra swift at all times, so possess a speed advantage on normal surfaces.

    9.) CASTs

    After re-programming enough combat-robots, a new variation of CASTs in the style of Kireek and Gillium are brought into existence.

    During character-creation, a diverse selection of entirely mechanical appearances would be available to mix-&-match, in order to customize your robot with precise detail.

    The starting point for CAST players would be the newly-built Satellite Castle orbiting the Robot Planet.

    Self-aware, these robotic organisms have an actual consciousness.

    And alike Gynoids/Androids, their movement across maps can be made highly variable.

    Capable of self-modification, CASTs can potentially dive deep underwater in a submersible-mode; speed across the map with hover-skates + jet-thrusters; or even take flight with those same shoulder-mounted jet-thrusters and soar through the sky, if they equip the necessary gear-parts. (SubMarine gear-parts; Landskater/Aquaskimmer gear-parts; and Aero-Jet gear-parts respectively)

    However, by default, these robo-beings begin groundbound with no inherent terrain advantage, unless transformed/modified.

    As fully robotic beings, a CAST can also upgrade his/herself with additional features, like radio-boombox shoulders to blast music. And although that can be utilized simply for the auditory enjoyment, such soundwave pulses can also stun targets!

    10.) Avionians

    After evolving enough Rag Rappies, a new species of bird-like bipeds with super-human intelligence is brought into existence.

    During character-creation you can select "winged" variations that result in appearances similar to Balbaroy or Amon from Shining Force; or "wingless variations that result in appearances similar to the Chozo (from the Metroid series). In either case, these tall bird-people have a dual nature with fleet-footed physical capabilities, as well as the meditative introspectiveness for advanced intellectual capabilities. Hence they excel in all three Professions.

    The starting point for Avionian players would be the Desert Planet of Motavia.

    Movement across the map is made much simpler for winged-variant Avionians, who possess the distinct terrain-advantage of flight. Of course, even the flightless-variant is capable of speed-boosts and long-jumps, so they can bound over obstacles and scale heights quickly, too.

    11.) Entomonians

    After evolving enough bug-like aliens, these insectoid bipeds are brought into existence.

    In terms of character-creation, Entomonians would perhaps have the most diverse selection of options.

    Capable of customizing each & every appendage, an Entomonian player can combine the already multitudinous variety of arthropod appearances into a unique blend.

    Sizes range from cutesy chibis, to towering stilt-walkers.

    Intelligence ranges from simple-minded quirkiness, to cryptic sagaciousness.

    The starting point for Entomonian players would be the newly-built Satellite Castle orbiting the Forest Planet.

    Movement across the map is subject to individual anatomy-design, so a player could theoretically make a groundbound crawler, or a high-flying flutterer; or a marine-traversing swimmer; or a terrain burrowing digger/climber; or even a combination of all these perks!

    So, Entomonians can potentially possess no specific advantage or maneuver over all areas with ease!

    12.) Herpezoans

    After evolving enough dinosaurian/dragonian aliens, these reptilian bipeds are brought into existence.

    During character-creation, a plethora of little details for the player to choose from would be available to bring your childhood fantasies of dino-hybrids to life!

    Scale-patterns; dorsal protrusions like sails or plates; snout protrusions & horns or crests; elongatable necks; wings or wingless; claw configurations; tail-types of all shapes.

    Most of the Herpezoans would possess equivalent intelligence to Humans, but some are blessed with innate wisdom inclinations. Thus, they excel as Biologists, as well as the occassional Spiritualist.

    The starting point for Herpezoan players would be a newly-built Satellite Castle orbiting the Mountain Planet.

    Movement across the map is dependent on player-choices during character-creation, but the most common terrain-advantage that all Herpezoans would possess (due to their claws) is climbing/burrowing. Swimming & gliding capabilities would also be common.

    Defensively sturdy by nature, a Herpezoan would prove resiliant in even hostile conditions, so they make ideal protectors of other players.

    13.) Piscinians

    After evolving enough aquatic aliens, these fish-&-slug-like bipeds are brought into existence.

    Much like the biodiversity under the sea, Piscinian players would have access to myriad choices of flippers; fins; dangling appendages; flagellum; tails; dorsal-shells; gills; and whether the character is smooth or scaly.

    Human-level intelligence and a relaxed disposition make Piscinians very well-rounded.

    The starting point for Piscinian players would be a newly-constructed Satellite Castle orbiting the Ocean Planet.

    Movement across the map would be mostly groundbound, but with a clear terrain advantage in water.

    And the same bodily-attributes that enable effortless swimming would provide access to gliding abilities as well.

    14.) Crystallians

    After purifying enough indigenous inhabitants of the Crystal Planet afflicted by shadowy spirits, these offshoots of the Ryukrucians become playable.

    Styled similarly to characters like Sa-Lews & De-Vars, the main distinction between Crystallians and Ryukrucieans are: plasma-stars instead of esoteric orbs; floating crystalline shapes instead of floating stone shapes; and an aura of holy electricity instead of an aura of holy flame.

    Remaining quite abstract these photon lifeforms would offer a very unique range of potential appearances, dependent on the player's creativity when customizing them.

    The starting point for Crystallian players would be the Crystal Planet itself, even though a new Satellite Castle would be built, up in orbit.

    Movement across the map would be comparable to Rykrucians. In that both types of entities remain in a constant state of levitation. Which bypasses certain surface-level terrain, but does not offer full-fledge flight over vast gaps.

    Unlike Ryukrucians, these crystallized spirit-beings are more susceptible to possession by insidious spectres.

    15.) Botanians

    After evolving/purifying enough plant-like aliens, these floral bipeds are brought into existence.

    With character-creation options drawn from the wide array of flowers, leaves, and other varieties of vegetation, a Botanian player has access to a wild assortment of customizable combinations.

    By default, every Botanian possesses a lightweight uber-amphibious body. Which enables air-gliding, air-wafting, bypassing mud-sinking & offers water-buoyancy.

    However, the flipside to these terrain-advantages is a weakness to being blown around by strong wind-shear.

    Either way, Botanians are well-suited to their homeworld of the Shallow-Marsh Planet.

    (A newly built Satellite Castle up in orbit also offers them respite from the weather, as well.)

    Intelligence among Botanians is extremely variable. Some are super simple-minded, delighting in the inherent joy of just wafting about or skimming the surface of the water with their petal-propellors boosting them forward. While others are hardcore contemplators, sitting as silent vegetation in perpetual meditation.

    (Such meditators can only be communicated with through the telepathy of a Spiritualist. Not to mention being frequent targets of possession by grumpy ghosts.)

    Profession-wise, some Botanians fit in along with Musk Cats, Rag Rappies & cutesy-chibi Entomonians, as non-technical companions. But the Botanians who do train their minds in meditation are Spiritualists par excellance.

    * * *

    section C - GENDERS

    All player-characters are free to select from 4.5 different gender options:

    1.) Gynene ♀

    A single-sexed lifeform with only female reproductive organs.

    Some species exhibit sexual dimorphism, but the characteristics of a female will vary drastically between them.

    For example, Avionian females usually have the duller-feathered appearance, while Avionian males usually have the more brightly-feathered appearance.

    This opposite is true for Humans, where their females usually have the more exotic hairstyles, while the Human males have the more simple hairstyles.

    2.) Andrine ♂

    A single-sexed lifeform with only male reproductive organs.

    Some species exhibit sexual dimorphism, but others have far subtler differences.

    For example, Dezolian males and females both possess similar characteristics, with only slightly softer features differentiating their faces.

    3.) / 4.) Hermaphrodene / Futanarine ⚥

    A double-sexed lifeform with both male & female reproductive organs.

    The Hermaphrodene variety exhibit a primarily masculine physique, with the additional of certain female body-attributes.

    The Futanarine variety exhibit a primarily feminine physique, with the addition of certain male-body-attributes.

    Those body-attributes might be pronounced or subtle, but the blend results in an androgynous appearance that makes determining if an organism is hermaphroditic diificult at first glance.

    5.) Neuterine ⚲

    A non-sexed lifeform with zero reproductive organs.

    Being completely genderless, a Neuterine entity might not reproduce what-so-ever.

    Or, if they do, their method is non-sexual, such as the type of mitosis responisble for cell division & duplication.


    Also worth noting is that the Character Creator in-game would allow you to change your gender at a later time, if so wished.

    I figured that detail might be important for those struggling with a mismatched body-&-mind in reali-life, since in the fictional limitlessness of a video-game set in a utopian future, such a high-tech fantasy would surely be made a reality.

    * * *

    section D - WORLDS

    Each of these Worlds is divided into Zones, and each of these Zones is divided into Sectors.

    1.) the Secret Planet, Rykros

    Rykros remains as it was when explored by Chaz's team of heroes.

    And thanks to their efforts with defeating Profound Darkness, this world no longer needs to act as a hidden seal.

    The Towers of Courage, Strength, and Anger would be accompanied by Camaraderie, Communication, Patience, and Hope.

    Each of these Towers would offer training for players in the aforementioned qualities.

    In addition, this world acts as the starting point for all Ryukrucian characters.

    2.) the Desert Planet, Motavia

    Motavia's terraformation project has seen major advances since the End of the Millenium, as well as the re-building of numerous spacecraft ports to enable interplanetary & interstellar travel, like was once commonplace.

    Cameos from the cast of Phantasy Star IV would be abundant here.

    The native Motavians would have begun to trust Humans much more by this point; and Humans would likewise offer greater respect & support for this world's indigenous peoples.

    Biologists would find ample opportunities for training amongst the settlements on this planet.

    Multiple species would utilize Motavia as their starting point.

    3.) the Ice Planet, Dezolis

    Dezolis remains the frozen tundra it has always been, but with the resurgence of hyper-futuristic technology, the issues faced by traversing such a difficult climate have been reduced immensely.

    Esper Mansion and the native Dezolian Temples offer excellent training for Spiritualists here.

    Of course, these locations also offer yet more cameo opportunities from the cast of Phantasy Star IV.

    Several species would utilize this world as their starting point, including the Musk Cats.

    4.) the Satellite Castle(s)

    A new structure built in the region where Palma once orbited Algo.

    This technological marvel fuses the ancient with the futuristic and provides the perfect testing grounds for Technologists to try out their newest inventions.

    Humans, Gynoids/Androids, and eventually Numans too, will utilize this place as their starting point.

    Not only that, but as players make peace with the alien species upon other planets, there will be additional Satellite Castles constructed in the orbit of those worlds.

    And through teleporters, the ease of transportation across expanses of outer-space in mere moments will become accessible!

    Some of the Phantasy Star IV cast will also call this place their new home. (Like Wren and Demi).

    5.) the Forest Planet

    This entire globe is covered in a tangle of gargantuan World-Trees that stretch their branches upwards into the very outskirts of the atmosphere.

    The indigenous inhabitants of this world are primarily bug-like aliens of immense variety & biodiversity.

    As arboreal lifeforms, these insectoid aliens have built natural structures for themselves, such as hives, webs, burrows and other simultaneously simple-yet-complex nests.

    Intelligence ranges from very primitive; to animal-level; to above-average animal-level.

    Due to their idiosyncratic way of perceiving the world, these aliens have strange thought processes that easily resist the communion of a Spiritualist, but have no defense against well-thought out strategies by Technologists & Biologists.

    Upon descending into this Forest Planet's atmosphere, the stratum of Zones are as follows (from uppermost to innermost):

    Leaf Sea Zone

    Creepy Canopy Zone

    Sap Stream Zone

    Xeno Xylo Zone

    Borers' Burrow Zone

    Honeycomb Hive Zone

    Silken Labyrinth Zone

    6.) the Mountain Planet

    This globe is covered by several layers of mountain-ranges, which float one-above-the-other in slow-moving herds, due to hyper-polarized magneticism between conflicting metals & minerals.

    The indigenous inhabitants of this world are primarily reptilian/dinosaurian/dragonian aliens.

    As dwellers of such megalithic terrain, these aliens developed natural capabilities aimed at climbing & digging, in order to bypass obstacles.

    Not only that, but since the levitating island-chains do possess grandiose gaps at certain points, the capacity for gliding safely down to lower areas also emerged amongst the populace.

    Intelligence ranges from very primitive; to animal-level; to above-average animal-level; with isolated instances of Wise Wyrms who display advanced insightfulness.

    As such, all the player Professions have equal use in elevating the aliens to higher stages of evolution.

    Upon descending into this Mountain Planet's atmosphere, the stratum of Zones are as follows (from uppermost to innermost):

    Aerial Archipelago Zone

    Waterfall Staircase Zone

    Scraping Summits Zone

    Treacherous Tectonics Zone / Perilous Pass Zone

    Quicksand Corridors Zone

    Stalagmite Maw Zone

    Ore Core Zone

    7.) the Ocean Planet

    This globe is immersed in water, which is itself turbulently tugged around by the gravity of myriad moons & wild weather. (Including aerial funnel-tunnels of both vertical AND horizontal water-twisters linked together by dizzying cyclonic dynamics.)

    The indigenous inhabitants of this world are primarily fish-like & slug-like aliens.

    Inherently adapted to their environs, these creatures all effortless swim below the waves and softly soar aloft the winds.

    Intelligence ranges from animal-level, to above-average animal-level.

    Each of the 3 Professions have their uses here, but the main necessity is for the team's Technologist(s) to invent a "Breath Necklace" in order to enable long-dives underwater without running out of air.

    Upon descending into this Oceain Planet's atmosphere, the stratum of Zones are as follows (from uppermost to innermost):

    Aurora River Zone

    Twister Tunnel Zone

    Sea-surface Surfing Zone

    Whirlpool Plunge Zone

    Coral Currents Zone

    Undertow Trench Zone

    Bottomless Abyss Zone

    8.) the Robot Planet

    This globe is a Gas Giant whose scenic skyscapes are filled with Flying Factories.

    Despite being left derelict, all the machinery is still operating as programed.

    So even though whatever war happened here in the distant past is clearly long over... the Flying Factories are still mass-producing alien Combat-Ronots.

    As automated mecha of all sorts, the populace isn't really acting on their own accord. So don't take being deemed "trespassers" personally.

    And, obviously, this world is well-suited for a Technologist to demonstrate their skills!

    Upon descending into this Robot Planet's atmosphere, the stratum of Zones are as follows (from uppermost to innermost):

    Orbital Outpost Zone

    Floating Fleet Zone

    Flying Factory Zone

    Soaring Scrapyard Zone

    Abandoned Armada Zone

    Flying Fortress Zone

    Hurricane-Hidden HeadQuarters Zone

    9.) the Crystal Planet

    This globe is a concealed star, whose corona has crystallized through mysterious circumstances.

    The indigenous inhabitants of this world are, as mentioned previously, an offshoot species similar to Ryukrucians in nature & former purpose.

    Exhibiting the same jewel-like appearance as the planet itself, these alien-spirits are well-suited to existing amidst the fantastical forests of crystalline trees on the surface; as well as hovering in slow processions through the geode caverns underground.

    Intelligence is extremely high, with comparable knowledge of the Universe to that possessed by the Ryukrucians.

    But, as previously menioned, these native Crystallians are quite susceptible to possession.

    Thus, it is a Spiritualist's duty to liberate them!

    Upon descending into this Crystal Planet's atmosphere, the stratum of Zones are as follows (from uppermost to innermost):

    Sappphire Orchard Zone

    Amber Arbor Zone

    Garnet Grove Zone

    Quartz Crevice Zone

    Amethyst Maze Zone

    Geode Abode Zone

    Subterranean Sun Zone

    10.) the Shallow-Marsh Planet

    This globe is a whimsically amphibious environment mixing shallow-seas that are often barely ankle-deep on a Human, with weed-choked waters, and seeds swirling in swarms upon the winds.

    The indigenous inhabitants here are primarily plant-like aliens.

    Coming in a variety of shapes & sizes, the native-beings are often at the mercy of wherever the wind's whim wishes to sweep them.

    Although, there is a contigent who have ingrained themselves to their lilypad-seats and stay stably still, despite mud-suction below & jet-stream tugging from above.

    As mentioned before, the populace has a huge gulf of intelligence, which ranges from the most simple of minds, to a fairly decent faction who have attained immense wisdom.

    Both the Biologist & Spiritualist professions will have much to offer the natives in ascending the evolutionary altitudes.

    Upon descending into this Shallow-Marsh Planet's atmosphere, the stratum of Zones are as follows (from uppermost to innermost):

    Spore Storm Zone

    Weed Breeze Zone

    Endless Everglades Zone

    Lilypad Trampoulines Zone

    Brine Broth Zone

    Mud Trudge Zone

    Epiphany Pistil Zone

    * * *

    section E - GAMEPLAY

    The simplest way to describe how I imagined this theoretical game to play would be:

    If you combined the turn-based map-movement of Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention (where terrain advantage by unique-species of characters was very useful) with the time-based rounds of decision-making from Phantasy Star Online Episode 3: C.A.R.D. Revolution (where you weighed the strategicoptions at your command within the alloted time-limit).

    Again, this imaginary game wouldn't be focused on murdering monsters or collecting weapons/armour.

    Instead, you would focus on a clearer set of skills within the 3 Professioms and hone your actual ability to wield them in a variety of situations.

    Towers & Temples would act as "tutorials" and "training trials" simultaneously.

    Communication between actual players & NPC targets would be another key ingredient.

    Finding non-violent resolutions to conflict and elevating aggressive entities into cooperative allies would be the heart of the player's objectives.

    Of course, simply exploring alien worlds as your own customized characterwould also be a major part of the appeal.

    Learning new abilities would be part of the character's progression, but again, learning how & WHY to wield them would be the problem-solving challenge that compels the player's own cognitive progression and ability to sincerely engage in cooperation & communication.

    And as the players bettered themselves, they would continue bettering the fictional Universe in-game.

    Such would be my hope for how things go, anyway!

    * * *

    section F - STORY

    Story-telling would take place through both chat-box dialogue and visual-novel-esque static cut-scenes.

    (And hopefully, the players would feel involved enough to actually make their own stories together, beyond the pre-written scenarios.)

    Regardless, to quickly recount the basic plot:

    This imaginary sequel to Phantasy Star IV would take place about 17 years after the ending to that final Genesis-era game.

    That time-frame should be just long enough for Chaz & Rika, as well as
    Hahn and Saya, to beget the next generation of characters, whom will now be old enough to become the Player Character's main NPC team-mates. (For when no other Players are available to join the Co-Op adventure, whether off-line or on-line.

    As already mentioned: space-faring technology will have rapidly regained the its former glory and again permit interplanetary, interstellar, and even intergalactic travel.

    Those newly constructed Satellite Castles would act as pivotal hubs, both in the Algo star-system as well as once more are built in the orbits of other worlds.

    And after your Character Creation fun is done, it would be Le-Roof (the unseen spirit who helped Chaz & friends on Rykros) who kickstarts the main quest by giving you a remote vision of other worlds far from Algo's light, who are in need of help achieving peace.

    Since the Algo star-system is now safe, it certainly feels appropriate to take the heroics even further out into space!

    From there, the sequence would be variable depending on your own Character's species and profession.

    But, no matter which starting point your character begins upon, you will go through the "tutorial" trials as you go gather a team of 6.

    This phase would take you between each of the four main Algolian locations: Rykros, Motavia, Dezolis, and the new Satellite Castle (in lieu of Palma).

    Pretty much every NPC character & actual Player can exchange "Visiphone Numbers" with you. Which enable instantaneous communication that transcends limitations, so everyone can keep in contact no matter how far apart we get.

    While searching for 2 Biologists, 2 Technologists, and 2 Spiritualists, the Player will have the opportunity to encounter all the survivng characters from PSIV.

    Not only that, but Players who chose the Spiritualist profession will also get a chance to telepathically talk with deceased heroes, like Alys Brangwin. And that includes ones from the other Phantasy Star games, such as Alis & Tyron (a.k.a.Odin); or Eusis (a.k.a. Rolf) & Nei-second; even Orakio & Laya!

    Whether taking time to engage the previous cast of characters in extended cameo appearances, or rushing to the point of departure, your character would indeed assemble the Team and prepare to embark on an intrepid expedition to new star-systems!

    After all this stuff, your Team will then convene on Rykros to be blessed by Le-Roof, Sa-Lews, De-Vars, and Re-Faze.

    At which point, your Team can freely choose which of the 6 different star-systems to visit first!

    No matter which direction your spaceship takes off towards, the main quest will always be to evolve/reprogram/purify the populace of each planet and help bring about a lasting peace.

    As already mentioned, each of the Worlds are divided into Zones, which are then sub-divided into Sectors.

    And every three Sectors, your Team will encounter a Boss challenge.

    These Bosses are the main plot-movers for the planets you visit, and by enlightening them, you advance the entire world's chance of maintaining permanent peace.

    Once all the Boss characters have been made benevolent, your Team will be granted permission to construct a new Satellite Castle in orbit.

    (Which also unlocks a newly-evolved version of the indigenous inhabitants as a playable species, as already noted earlier.)

    Side-Quests will continue to be updated, even on peaceful worlds, to continue providing incentive to keep playing & exploring the planets' envionments with new combinations of character species & professions, to access areas previously blocked by impassable obstacles.

    So whether a side-quest is silly in tone or very serious, these little missions will hopefully keep things interesting between theoretical expansions to this imaginary game (which would add new worlds, alien species, and even more main plot quests.)

    Beyond that, the actual details of the story remain a misty "what if", that invites the mind to ponder the possibilities!

    * * *

    section G - conclusion

    So, there you have it!

    I'm sure there are certain details that slipped my mind while typing this thing up... but I'm satisfied that the gist of the idea has been fully conveyed.

    Hopefully someone out there will enjoy thid.

    And perhaps its unnecessary to say, but:

    I forfeit all credit and compensation for these ideas to the public domain.

    Even if Sega never does anything like this.... who knows, perhaps someone will get a stroke of inspiration for their own project of some sort!

    (I'll even throw-in a working-title for free: Bodhisattva Nebula Online ! )
    "For the benefit of everyone/everywhere/everywhen, may these ripples
    catalyze only cascades of goodness, with zero badness resultant.
    Spoken truly and sincerely."

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    On the off-chance that someone could miss the related thread located in the FanWorks section, here is a link to a topic which depicts some of the imagined options for character creation, with most of the "theoretically" playable species each having atleast one visual example now:

    Not much else to say, beyond that these two threads complement each other in helping share what manifested in my mind thanks to all the cognitive-copulating with the muses.
    Last edited by feather-flower; May 11, 2022 at 06:47 PM.
    "For the benefit of everyone/everywhere/everywhen, may these ripples
    catalyze only cascades of goodness, with zero badness resultant.
    Spoken truly and sincerely."

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