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    Default buff soaring blades...

    soaring blades dont feel very floaty in my opinion....
    sure some of their PAs are good in the air but HONESTLY i think their kit should always keep them airborn with minimal effort....
    things they could do to make this happen
    when using the weapon action or dodging in a direction you gain a couple more seconds of suspended airtime
    all or most PAs and regular attacks have a 1 or 1/2 second moment of suspended airtime after its completion

    When im doing damage to a daityl sword high up in the air i want to click a couple of my skills like fighter overload and the one that unleashes a ton of photon blades...
    with the descent being so inevitable i honestly am not getting the most or much at all out of those skills.

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    Well overload doesn't work on soaring blades, so you don't even need to do that. I feel like with the new PA they have plenty of ability to stay in the air personally.

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    theres no real struggle to stay in the air with Dual Blades, if youre really having issues then multi wep a pair WLs on to your DBs or use JBs new closer PA and Tech closer.
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    Literally the new PA fixes this issue. It's not a perfect gap closer but 2-Tapped Ravaging Falcon has a bit of vertical tracking so that solves problems with vertical adjustments while Storke is still good for small gap closing when something moves. Dual Blades are in a pretty decent spot atm if you know how to actually play it. (Aside from being riddled with glitches and being a clunky mess.)

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