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    Im honestly worried about the in-game economy in NGS
    reasons being there are already things that i was saving meseta for as a f2p player that are probably gone now forever.....
    also there are reasons to spend meseta on farmable items but they are quickly becoming non expensive as time goes on...
    Here are some suggestions
    Make new photon arts drops that you can find from green containers or enemies as discs rather than just giving them to everyone as soon as they are available. (they dont have to be super rare)
    Make more incentive to purchase AC scratch
    i would suggest reducing the amount of scratch tickets you have to buy to get a free select ticket. this encourages people to spend more as they can get more of the items that are high in demand while reducing the chances that some less popular items would be bought out right away for super cheap and never be seen again... assuming everyone doesnt want to sell everything they have right away and want demand to stay high there will always be a ticket for that specific item you are looking for; making life less stressful for people with a certain look in mind feeling like they have to set themselves back x amount of meseta to acquire something that might not exist soon... due to the lack of stress on fashion gamers this would likely provide we would hopefully stop seeing people beg Hiro Arai for more meseta on the NGS Headline xD

    I am not an economy expert these are just ideas try not to be too harsh
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    Basically you want PSODC/GC/BB mechanics with a little bit of PSO2 sprinkled into it. I didn't include PSU because you can buy PAs.
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    They should stop their bullshit and set a limit.

    When does it occur to them to put this kind of price (in addition to the RMT) ?

    Seriously ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bojji View Post
    They should stop their bullshit and set a limit.

    When does it occur to them to put this kind of price (in addition to the RMT) ?

    Seriously ?
    supply and demand, realistically most people don't give a shit about the 2 revival scratches that just came out (going by the pictures you posted) especially when one of them is basically all OT garbage no one wants so whos going to burn money on that? when 2 somewhat better scratches are on their way

    the only limit I want gone is the minimum price on certain items because I don't think Sega should be allowed to dictate player pricing in anyway (unless under extreme circumstances).

    you already know how Globals Community Management went and screwed up the economy with Red Box farming and still currently a somewhat high amount of RMT going on since it's real obvious that it's happening when Primm weapons or low rarity units are being bought for 100mill+, not so sure if they gave up on Gold materials yet as to skew results. You don't really see this as prevalent on JP markets but it's happened before. JP's market balance isn't anywhere near as bad as Globals
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