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    "Levitacean Phungoidian"

    ---homeworld: the Shallow-Marsh Planet

    ---Perpetually levitating, thanks to internal gaseous buoyancy; and able to maneuver thanks to telekinetics.

    ---Gaseous emissions are potent enough to ward away hostile lifeforms.

    ---Prehensile tenticular-feelers can elongate & extend outward by a sizable distance, before further splitting into smaller mycelium-fingers, to touch & examine things.

    ---Optical orbs all over this entity's body provide the ability to see from every direction simultaneously.

    ---The decentralized cellular structure of this fungal alien allows both reproduction & regeneration from very miniscule amounts of the organism's body, so there's no threat of any lasting injury.

    ---Capable of tucking the two halves of double-ended mushroom-body together in a mode reminiscent of a U.F.O., this alien can transport companions not only through the atmosphere of planets... but also traverse outer-space with them all as protected passengers!

    ---Symbiotic spores able to impart knowledge directly to others by ingraining themselves into neural networks & implanting memories from the Phungoidian, which bypasses the tedium of the learning process for everyone.

    * * *

    "Piscinian Naganoid"

    ---homeworld: the Ocean Planet

    ---Anatomy permits swimming / slithering / flying over a wide variety of environments.

    ---Able to naturally generate huge bubbles, which act as both protective barriers (although they pop after absorbing one attack) and provide companions with air to breathe underwater for exploring aquatic areas together.

    * * *

    "Mastodonian Ursanoid"

    ---homeworld: the Mountain Planet

    ---Super-strong alien-Mammalian able to bust obstacle-boulders with tusks or use bear-paws to pick them up & toss.

    ---Able to climb cliffs and carry companions at the same time.

    ---Able to tunnel through the solid-stone & metal-ore which composes the Mountain Planet, in order to create new pathways through otherwise-impassable sections of terrain.

    ---Dedicated in honour of the middle-school friend who introduced PSO to me & played offline together.

    * * *

    "Lupoan Squirreloid"

    ---homeworld: the Forest Planet

    ---Able to quickly climb the bark-cliffs of home-planet's huge trees and leap between their prodigious branches, as well as utilize massive leaves like trampoulines.

    ---This species is EXTREMELY loyal to allies. naturally charismatic & hyper-energetic, these aliens always put their group of companions into a really good mood.

    ---Dedicated to a middle-school friend who played PSO offline with me, as well as her original-character from back when we first met.

    * * *

    "Megalodonian Mezosaurian"

    ---homeworld: the Frozen-Ocean Proto-Planetoid

    (This moon-sized planet orbits a much larger world, but the two globes each have distinctly different climates & separate atmospheres. The Frozen-Ocean Proto-Planetoid's frigid environment is due to generally being blocked from getting direct light from the solar-system's sun-star by the bigger sphere it orbits)

    ---Thanks to carcharadonian cartilage, this alien is EXTREMELY flexible & its unusually bendable body enables rapid running/rolling/ricocheting/spinning/stretching/swinging spaztikness.

    (Hence making a superb hyper-parkour artist in futuristic cityscapes)

    ---In addition to all the back-flipping & bouncing around, this alien's surging speed also allows usage of those three dorsal fins as if they were a buzzsaw to slice straight through obstacles.

    ---Those dorsal fins also double as wings for flight.

    ---Despite getting stereotyped as brutish due to its appearance, this alien is actually very mechanically-inclined & exhibits great skill at repairing/maintaining/moidfying space-ships with delicate precision that seems surprising for a creature with such monstrous musculature.

    ---Super-reliable & ever-helpful to both comrades & strangers, this alien is always quick to extend a hand for anyone who's space-craft crash-lands.

    ---During earlier misadventures, this particular Sharkasaur crossed paths many times with a certain Mantis-Scorpion ( )

    ---Dedicated to the elementary-school friend who has remained on the periphery of my life for the longest duration without ever completely drifting apart; as well as his original-character from back when we first met.
    "For the benefit of everyone/everywhere/everywhen, may these ripples
    catalyze only cascades of goodness, with zero badness resultant.
    Spoken truly and sincerely."

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    These ideas are pretty neat. I'd like to see what world they make.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zorafim View Post
    I'd like to see what world they make.
    Here's an example:

    Quote Originally Posted by Zorafim View Post
    These ideas are pretty neat.
    Happy to hear that the ideas appeal to your sensibilities, Zorafim!
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    "For the benefit of everyone/everywhere/everywhen, may these ripples
    catalyze only cascades of goodness, with zero badness resultant.
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    Fructo-Luxoid Dendronian

    ---Homeworld: Shallow Marsh Planet and/or Forest Planet

    ---Another variation of the Xylo-Xenoid/Arborean concept(s)s:

    ---Retains almost all the characteristics mentioned in those previous posts. Especially the quality of being extremely tall like a tree, which enables this Botanian alien to transport comrades perched upon shoulders. (And on its homeworld, other Avionian/Entomonian/Herpezoan aliens actually call this creature their abode!)

    ---This specific Dendronian produces Astral Melons which hang like lanterns from wing-branches & twig-antennae.

    ---Those fluorescent fruit glow brightly and illuminate even the darkest reaches of outer space.

    ---In addition, if an ally eats an Astral Melon, that companion will temporarily become bioluminescent too!

    * * *


    ---Homeworld: Shallow Marsh Planet and/or Forest Planet

    ---Small Botanian alien which has the potential to eventually grow into a towering Dendronian.

    ---Provides another example of weaker creatures who still possess value beyond what abilities they have to offer.

    (Of course, even entities like this can perform the "Star-Heart Constellation-Sex" technique if taught by someone like Xo-Qooj, which assures that any aggressor is enlightened through such intimate communion.

    Hence this chibi-buddy's motto:
    "Don't Fight...!!
    FUSE With Foes!")

    * * *

    Cobrahnian Mushroomoid

    ---Homeworld: Mountain Planet

    ---Resides underground. Digs tunnels through the softer regions of the mountains.

    ---Bioluminescent body glows in the dark. This provides helpful illumination for everyone in the vicinty.

    ---Mushroom fangs enable this Herpezoan to directly inject spores into others, which then implant memories directly. (Bypassing language-barriers & educating less-intelligent species very quickly.)

    ---Able to become spiritually-attuned and burrow through the very fabric of existence & traverse the full-spectrum of parallel-dimensions. This then allows hostile lifeforms to be relocated through the newly opened portals into heavenly environs more-conducive for their progression into benevolent entities. (Ravenous predators can be provided with an infinite cornucopia of harmless sustenance. Invasive pests can be transplanted from wherever they;ve overrun things, so that they no longer intrude & can now inhabit their own zone. Spiteful spirits can have their begrudging tendencies purified in a sanctum of peace that resolves their unfulfilled needs. Etc etc.

    * * *


    ---Homeworld: Ocean Planet and/or Shallow Marsh Planet

    ---Small alien with a penchant for sitting on the back or shoulders of comrades. (Especially on the dorsal shell of Ankyloid-Terrapinoans.)

    ---Cutely croaks in a musical manner to entertain companions. (Or even diffuse hostile situations in an amusing way.)

    ---Able to generate bubbles that act as single-hit-blocking barriers.

    ---Able to fly with those oversized feathery-antennae. (And those feelers are meant to also resemble tadpole tails.)

    ---Most bizarre ability entails how this creature produces a slime to coat skin while outside the water. This secretion can cause a hallucinatory reaction if comrades lick it, which results in an altered-state-of-consciousness that enables them to perceive otherwise-invisible entities that reside in parallel layers of reality.

    ---Dedicated in honour of the twin brother of the friend mentioned in the section about that Ankyloid-Terrapinoan:

    (Third segment of that multi-sectioned post.)

    * * *


    ---Homeworld: Artificial Satellite City

    ---Not a native to any natural Planet. Instead, this hybridized specimen of Herpezoans & Avionians originated upon one of the Artificial Satellites stationed throughout the vast expanse between worlds.

    ---Extremely stylish. Always striking a pose. Often seen swishing his cape-like wings with overly-dramatic flair.

    ---Undauntable confidence. Supremely self-assured. Always ready to accept a challenge, even against unfavourable odds. This demeanour is infectious for comrades as well, who feel emboldened & motivated by his mere presence.

    ---Feathers provide a natural tool to etch art on all kinds of surfaces, like metal/bark/stone, etc. And naturally secreted oils provide ink to write calligraphy as well.

    ---Highly observant. Keenly perceptive. And these attributes manifest in two major ways:

    1.) Able to point out overlooked qualities in weaker comrades, which helps fortify their self-esteem and encourage them. (Also capable of detecting weaknesses too. Which helps others improve themselves.)

    2.) Inclines this lifeform towards working with machines. Skilled at diagnosing the source of errors & malfunctions, which allows precision repair of robotic companions, mecha, & space-ships. (Makes an adept pilot of such machines too.)

    ---Dedicated in honour of a friend who joined the group of middle-school-era friends during their highschool years.

    He was probably the most artistically-oriented person I ever had the privalege to be personally acquainted. Could deduce the underlying motifs in character-design that most people missed and would point them out often.(And always seemed to be drawing. Even on unconventional surfaces. Even just leaving ephemeral markings on stuff with his bare fingers.)

    He did play atleast one weekend session of co-op PSO with me. Quite fond of CASTs since he loved robots.

    Due to his penchant for drawing, he had a variety of characters, but this picture is not of a specific creation of his own. Instead, I blended some of his favourite things into a singular concept, which I would hope he'd think was cool. (To be precise: this alien combines both crows & chameleons, which he appreciated alot. Plus some influence of the Chozo from the Metroid series; Espio from the Sonic series; and Kamina from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.)

    * * *

    Tri-Cephaloid Fleurachnoid

    ---Homeworld: Shallow Marsh Planet

    ---Three-headed attribute allows this Botanian to multi-task with immense efficiency, as each head can focus on separate things simultaneously.

    ---Capable of sprouting additional legs at will to further accomodate multi-tasking.

    ---Naturally able to generate unlimited amounts of both cotton and silk. (Each substance has myriad ways they can be utilized, whether by this Botanian or any companions.)

    ---Extraordinarily lightweight.

    * * *

    Vibracian Odonatanoid

    ---Homeworld: Ocean Planet

    ---Extremely swift flyer. Thus, able to engage in recon missions with unparalleled ease, since this Entomonian can zip into a dangerous area, and then zip back out at such speed that no other entities usually even notice the blur blip by.

    ---Able to remain airborne for indefinite lengths of time, since this Entomonian is indigenous to a planet with no solid surfaces to land upon, so they dwell in the sky.

    ---Wings also boost running speed to a very high level.

    ---The vibration of those beating-wings causes a humming-buzzing, which soothes spirits & pacifies predators with its pleasant sensation.

    ---And like most Entomonians, their multi-faceted compound-eyes are able to shift between different lenses, which allow them to see multiple layers of reality. (Including invisible wavelengths of light and spiritual dimensions.)

    ---Bodily exoskeleton is very durable and not easily damaged. In addition, the exoskeleton is highly compatible with cybernetic modifications, so any technologically-savvy comrades (like the Chrowmelian) can attach upgrades for further versatility & utility of every variety.

    * * *
    "For the benefit of everyone/everywhere/everywhen, may these ripples
    catalyze only cascades of goodness, with zero badness resultant.
    Spoken truly and sincerely."

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    Star Garden Of Cloud-Sprouts

    A place of peace.

    Anyone who even THINKS about this Star Garden of Cloud Sprouts is intrinsically made serene by the stellar nectar/panacea pollen/astral ambrosia of "metta" loving-kindness emitted by its billow-blossoms.

    (Envision the feeling of "loving-kindness" to be something alike how you feel when petting a purring kitten. As just one example of something that inherently makes you feel good & protected. Perhaps even inclined toward nurturing another entity.)

    Thus, even an aggressor intending to cause trouble for this blossom-sanctum is instantenously soothed & stopped, before their thoughts can become actions!!

    ((So, if rowdy Space Pirates somehow got unintentionally teleported to this Star-Garden, they would feel more like lounging around in introspective relaxationr instead of stomping flowers in their usual irrational mindset.

    Or, if an Intergalactic Megalomaniac randomly decided to launch super-long-range weaponry at this zone's coordinates, that hostile-thought would get overrided by an unexplainable urge to send supplies & aid to formerly-oppressed neighbors, despite that doing so would be dramatically out-of-character, yet compelled by a STRONG sensation to help others rather than dominate them!))

    Due to this effect, the Star Garden also offers a perfect "object" to contemplate during meditation.

    Transporting the mind to this locus of light & good-will enables someone beseiged by their surrounding-circumstances to then distance themself from the situation & assess things more clearly in a place without those hindering happenings.

    From there, the meditator can also practice shining their own loving-light, alike the flowers.

    Merely imagining that one is radiating outward an all-encompassing sphere of light, which bathes EVERYONE/EVERYWHERE/EVERYWHEN in its infinite & immeasurable warmth & wellness, the meditator is also practicing how to be non-judgemental & share good-will with EVERYONE, no matter what temporary issues might obscure an all-inclusive view of reality.

    This then translates into bringing that all-inclusive good-will out of the meditational zone, and into "regular life", where someone is confronted with more complex difficulties.

    But, with continued practice, someone can bring more & more good-will out into more & more types of situations.

    Not just for their own benefit either. But for EVERYONE!

    That's because our most internal thoughts condition our external speech & actions. Which directly affects the existence of EVERYONE. Starting with those we interact with. Before extending even further outward to the people THEY then interact with!

    So it is very important to choose what we say & do quite carefully. For the sake of those whom we will be affecting. (Both in ways we intend. As well as ways we ourselves cannot anticipate.)

    * * *
    * * *
    * * *

    This picture was inspired by the similarity between the shape of actual flower-petals & the angular points of geometric stars.

    There is an underlying quality to this symbolic similarity which could have profound implications concerning the overlap between The Natural & The Spiritual.

    (The seed-chamber inside an apple also exhibits a star shape when the fruit is sliced in half, to note another example.)

    (((That was first pointed out to me during the music video for "Parabol / Parabola",
    at about 3 minutes & 7 seconds:

    And even though that apple in the video was a stylized prop with extra embellishments, it still directly displays how "sacred geometry" is found in nature.)))

    * * *
    * * *
    * * *


    This drawing is dedicated to the artist known as "cousato3"

    Her imagery is genuinely special.
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    "For the benefit of everyone/everywhere/everywhen, may these ripples
    catalyze only cascades of goodness, with zero badness resultant.
    Spoken truly and sincerely."

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    Meditacean Botanian

    ---homeworld: Shallow-Marsh Planet

    ---Supremely lightweight & low-density body.

    As with most Botanians from this amphibious world, the alien-lifeform depicted in the picture above is so lightweight that not only can she sit on the surface of water without any threat of sinking, but she can fly through the sky effortlessly!

    In fact, it's more of a challenge to stay grounded! Because even a weak breeze will blow her body around!

    ---Insect-esque Proboscis

    Displaying physical features from other species, this Botanian hybrid has inherited a somewhat vestigial body-part in the form a of a mouth akin to those seen on bugs like mosquitoes & butterflies.

    Since she primarily absorbs nutrients through other body-parts, this Botanian doesn't need a mouth to eat (but she does still enjoy sipping her own nectar as a treat), nor does she require a mouth to speak (but can still do so when telepathy feels too remote & not intimate enough).

    ---Vegetation Meditation

    Despite seeming totally inactive physically, this alien is actually highly active mentally.

    With eyes shut, she remains in a state of perpetual meditation, where her Mind's Eye compensates for optical visuals.

    Not only can her mind perceive the immediate surroundings, but this Botanian can actually gaze upon the whole infinite expanse of space all at once!

    Through this inner-vision, she watches over distant lifeforms & psychically teaches them.

    (Much like herself, whose own evolution was accelerated by a more-advanced species.)

    ---Flower Feelers

    As seen protruding from her forehead, this Botanian sports a pair of antennae that terminate in beautiful blossoms!

    These floral feelers are super-sensitive and have access to myriad layers of reality's spectrum.

    Not only that, but they generate both a wonderful fragrance with many special purposes (that I'll describe near the end of this post) & emit a honey-like nectar that can nourish others for long periods of time with a single mouthful!

    ---Petal Propellors

    In addition to the characteristics just listed, the Flower Feelers also function as a source of propulsion, by spinning her petals in order to create aerodynamic-force to boost her body through the sky!

    ---Leaf-Feather Wings

    Again, this Botanian variant also exhibits wings that photosynthesize starlight, in addition to providing flight.

    ---Tap-root Tail

    This long tail which terminates in teensy branching roots is perhaps her most important bodypart.

    You see: as such a lightweight lifeform, the Meditacean Botanian uses her Tap-root Tail as an anchor to stay in one spot without getting blown about by the wind!

    Upon ingraining herself in the submerged mud, this alien floats buoyantly atop the shallow water covering her whole home-world.

    Seated on the wavey fluid's surface alike a lilypad, she remains meditatively en-tranced.

    In this trance, while her Tail absrorbs nutrients from the muddy sediment below & her Leaf-Wings absorb nutrients from the sunny stars above, she can stay suspended outside of Time & Space.

    From her non-temporal locus, this Botanian can psychically guide struggling species all over the cosmos.

    Able to stabilize the angered-energies of distant-planets whose environments have been mistreated, this alien tranmits her own internal peacefulness to others, while her external Tail keeps her spinal Chakras grounded directly into the nurturing embrace of her homeland.

    ---Peacemaker Pollen

    With all that said, we return to what was mentioned earlier about "special purposes of the Flower Feelers' fragrance"!

    You see: by utilizing her strong psychic abilities, this alien is able to serve as a Peacemaker who can overcome the numerous difficulties that lead to strife between species on other planets.

    Firstly, her feelers emit that powerful fragrance from their flower-tips, which induces a sobering clear-headedness in everyone around.

    Secondly, after everyone has been uplifted into full lucidity, their individual consciousnesses become extra-sensitive to each other, and thus, more receptive to communication.

    Thirdly, the Peacemaker then acts as a neutral intermediary between the parties who have previously not been able to talk things out without violence eventually erupting.

    Instead, there is no tension to the discussion at all.

    Everyone opens up and makes their needs known.

    Then, the combined intelligence of all involved is used to conceive a satisfactory solution.

    TA-DA!! Peace is acheived!

    (Do note, that the issues between warring groups can be complex, but if an active-benevolence is directly intervening and even providing crucial-resources if scarcity of necessities is part of the problem, then an all-encompassing peace-accord should never be impossible.)

    ---Dedicated to a lady that I met in March 2020.
    We have only crossed paths once (so far), but her advice from that day still lends guidance.
    And thanks to practicing what she said, this very picture came into existence!
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    "For the benefit of everyone/everywhere/everywhen, may these ripples
    catalyze only cascades of goodness, with zero badness resultant.
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