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    Default [ART] phanciful life-phorms from imagined star-systems

    Decided to make this over-arching topic to share miscellaneous creature-concepts.

    Also: merging three previous picture-threads of "unnamed non-specific characters" like the "Xylo-Xenoid", the "Microbial Meta-terrestrial", & the "Cetacean Dragonoidian"; to avoid filling up the entire 1st Page of FanWorks with too many separate posts from one forum-user.

    <<<Please note that most of the art here complements ideas mentioned in this thread from the Phantasy Star Classic forum-section:
    but each image-concept also stands alone as well.>>>
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    The following picture could be considered a theoretical "Botanian" alien from the other-thread I made in the "Phantasy Star Classic" forum section about an imagined 2D sequel to Phantasy Star IV, which would have also provided character-creation like Phantasy Star Online, including variations of possible playable-species like this.

    So! Here we have a "Xylo-Xenoid", which is an arboreal alien from "Planet Ghezspidd".

    Ghezspidd is a muddy world, where the indigenous inhabitants evolved to traverse such a soft environment.

    Hence the major populace of this planet is mainly either: unusually lightweight (able to stride over the soft surface without sinking); or extremely tall (able to wade through the muck without getting stuck); or almost-always airborn (able to fly above the mud without ever having to land in the quagmire below).

    Among the natural ecology, we shall focus solely on this particular variant of "Botanian".

    You could call the Xylo-Xenoids as "care-takers" of the non-Botanian creatures.

    This is due to how no "predator VS prey" food-chain ever developed on Planet Ghezspidd because all the various species happily coexist in a form of circuitous symbiosis.

    Thanks to their natural characteristics, many Botanians require nothing more than light from this solar-system's seven suns & water from the super-shallow seas that flow over the muddy marshlands.

    However, the non-Botanians lack the ability of photosynthesis, so it is through their symbiotic-relationship with these walking trees that they can acquire the form of sustenance that they need.

    The "food loop" begins with excretions made by the alien avians who roost upon these dendrant giants.

    Once absorbed & converted within the anatomy of a Xylo-Xenoid, those former-excretions are then re-exuded as secretions of maple syrup or cinnamon-y sap that drools forth from these bark-skinned beings!

    Not only does that syrup-sap provide all the nutrition that the non-Botanians would ever require, but the Xylo-Xenoids also share their minty leaf-feathers & juicy wing-fruits, too!

    The sole thing that isn't eaten amid all that a Xylo-Xenoid's branch-wings have to offer are the Acorn Eggs which allow this "neuterine" species to asexually perpetuate itself.

    Those boulder-sized Acorn-Eggs just harmlessly drop down into the muck & gestate in the warmth before sprouting a new lifeform.

    Each of these towering tree-beings has a bendy body that is surprisingly flexible & lightweight, despite their HUGE height.

    So in addition to wading through the soft ground, a Xylo-Xenoid is able to go aloft, thanks to those same wing-branches which feed so many other species, as well as offer aerial mobility to the colossal care-takers who normally travel in herds upon the planet's surface alike ambulatory arbors!

    Ultimately, these neuterine dendrines are entirely benevolent beings that are well-suited for supporting other lifeforms, hence in a teamwork scenario, they would obviously occupy such a "support role" in order to assist other characters solve the main goal, by reducing whatever "resource burden" might slow any progress during challenging circumstances, whether on their home-world or visiting alien lands in different star-systems.
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    Able to bypass all barriers, this alien germ is an intimate trespasser with only good intentions.

    Floating freely in-&-out of other beings' bodies, this bacterial constellation quietly converts viruses & parasites into probiotic helper-companions.

    Each luminous nucleus visible through this enigmatic entity's cytoplasmic translucence is a Star-Heart made of Spirit-Sparks.

    As such, the Microbial Meta-terrestrial is capable of generating an infinity of energy, which transcends physicality to enlighten other lifeforms & necronisms from the inside-out.

    So, although Infinitesimal in size, the Microbial Meta-terrestrial can reach the deepest///farthest places in an instant, by simply extending forth unlimited inner-light like endlessly-elongating ethereal-flagella.


    ---This alien-Cytoplazmoan is able to mitosize & multiply without limit.

    ---Such self-duplication capapbilities makes this life-phorm ideal to serve as everyone's miniature mentor and act as the "little angel on your shoulder" by providing advice & knowledge to assist all situations.
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    Having embarked on a journey far from this alien's oceanic home-world of Torraiyohhnai, we find a Cetacean Dragonoidian acting as a "flower sprinkle"r for the soilbound flora of a very different environment than exists on that entirely submerged planet from which this specimen originated!

    As an example of a possible Piscinian, this Cetacean Dragonoidian exhibits amphibiousness which allows mobility across terrestrial surfaces, aerial skyscapes, in addition to the obvious affinity for aquatic areas.

    With that cranial blowhole, it should be clear that this Cetacean Dragonoidian is well-suited to providing hydrating sustenance for potential Botanian companions encountered during interplanetary exploration.

    Not only that, but by excreting seeds from fruit eaten on other worlds & spouting geyser-water in surprisingly generous quantities, this alien can single-handedly kickstart the terraforming of barren worlds by bringing forth lush life to formerly-dead lands!
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    This alien specimen represents a potential Gastropoidian.

    With a highly versatile-body, this lifeform can traverse land, sea & sky equally easily.

    Slim-slick skin protects an otherwise senstive vessel that is instead made nigh-impervious thanks to the thick mucus.

    And flexible eye-stalks permit this Gastropoidian to behold all-directions, at all times!

    This image depicts the Gastropoidian in "Amphibious Flight" mode.

    As shown, the alien can fly or swim in this state.

    * * *

    This "Jiraffroid Gastropodian" is an alternate variation of the same general concept.

    When finished with this image, I wasn't totally satisfied with its appearance.

    So I then re-did the Gastropoidian concept, and that resulted in the two pictures above.

    But afterward, I re-appraised this picture as still being worth sharing. (Even if it didn't quite convey the look I was originally trying to achieve.)
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    "Tsuki Usagi-oid"

    Crescent-moon curvature inspired this picture.

    Hence the crescent-shaped rabbit-ears & feet; crescent-shaped squirrel-tail; and crescent-shaped marine-mammal flippers.


    ---homeworld: one of many Mini-Moons around the Tidal Turmoil Planet

    ---Affected uniquely by lunar phases:
    ------Becomes strengthened when waxing/weakened when waning.
    ---------Gets special transformations during Full Moons/New Moons.

    ---Lightweight & fleet-footed, so able to hop extra-high & bounce from bubble-to-bubble without popping the delicate spheres floating amidst the skyscapes between the Mini-Moons encircling the Tidal Turmoil Planet, which is always besieged by constant aquatic fluctuations due to the multitudes of moons that raise things to super-high-tide and then drop things down to super-low tide in mere minutes, which also results in all the fizzy effervescence wafting among the mutual atmosphere that exists between everything orbiting this world.

    * * *

    "Lepidopteran Penguinoid"

    This specimen is a hybridized mixture of both Avionian & Entomonian characteristics.


    ---homeworld: the Forest Planet

    ---The medicinal mothdust naturally produced by wings is able to rapidly regenerate any injury.

    ---This species' spiritually sensitive antennae-tips detect even invisible presences.
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    This meditative Entomonian is ever calm & quiet.

    Remains always levitating, thanks to powerful brainwaves.

    Those extremely-lengthy forehead-feelers amplify neural-signals by a MASSIVE magnitude, so the Antennaedian operates solely through telekinetic & telepathic methods.


    ---homeworld: the Forest Planet

    ---Possesses three eyes which simultaneously watch past/present/future on multi-faceted ocular-screens at all times.

    ---Has a peculiar perspective & thought-patterns, which immunizes against possession by spirits; in addition to allowing the capacity for empathy with anyone, including SEEMINGLY-but-not-truly irredeemable entities.

    * * *

    "Mothoid Fleurallian"

    This specimen is a hybrid between both Entomonian and Botanian characteristics.


    ---homeworld: the Forest Planet

    ---Medicinal flower-petals cure all ailments.

    ---Inherently exudes a therapeutic aroma which soothes & improves the mood of everyone in the vicinity.

    ---This Botanian-alien is a provider of nectar that meets the needs of any entity.

    * * *


    This Herpezoan alien might seem cumbersome, yet actually possesses grace & poise when gliding upon the wind or floating upon water.


    ---homeworld: the Mountain Planet

    ---Nearly-impenetrable shell-parts allow this type of alien-Herpezoan to shield allies from just about any attack (hence making great bodyguards for frailer partners)

    ---Capable of transporting companions on shoulders while gliding over vast chasm-gaps via parachute-esque shell-parts

    ---Dedicated atleast partially in honour of a middle-school friend (and his twin brother) who played PSO offline with me.

    * * *


    The lasting influence of the design for Toho's "SpaceGodzilla" is consciously acknowledged here, but this design really is my own attempt at a purely crystalline-lifeform. And that's regardless of similarities like the shoulder-crystals, because I'd like to believe such details would have occurred to me even without a dai-kaiju influence from childhood, due to the simple fact that I already like the angular-look and such protrusions seem as if a natural placement for such outgrowths.


    ---homeworld: the Geode Planet

    ---Composed of living-crystals that can prismatically filter & purify captured spirits contaminated in some ethereal manner, so they become cleansed again

    * * *

    "custom Ryukrucian"

    Simply put: this is one of many possible appearances for an alien-inhabitant of Rykros.

    This entity's design is a bit abstract & avant-garde, yet simple & pure.


    ---That solar soul-core automatically illuminates all surroundings and wards away ill-intentioned spirits

    ---Because certain techniques are naturally known via their species' ancestral knowledge, Ryukrucians can teach techniques like Grants or Megid to allies

    ---And on the same topic of teaching techniques, Rykrucians also invented Ryuker, which permits teleportation to any location already visited, which makes even intergalactic travel both near-instantaneous & effortless!
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    Those plug-tipped forehead feelers allow this Mechanoidian lifeform to directly interface with other machine-beings and reprogram them from would-be enemies into actual allies.


    ---homeworld: orbital satellite of the Gas Giant Planet (where all the derelict Flying Factories are stationed)

    ---Able to interface with machines & bypass obstacles by unlocking sealed-doors.

    ---Able to download massive amounts of data & learn things at an acccelerated pace, in addition to teaching others the same way, but in reverse.

    ---With built-in boombox-esque audio-speakers, this sapient robot is capable of accessing a vast database of musical recordings in order to play songs for the enjoyment of everybody in the vicinity!

    (The resulting soundwaves can also be hyper-concentrated & blasted at high-volume to repel hostile lifeforms, or even utilize certain songs to soothe savage spirits & pacify predators.)

    * * *


    This very particular specimen of bivalvoid alien is "Inspired-By & Dedicate-To" an Earthly species of animal known as the "Green-Lipped Mussel".


    ---homeworld: both the Ocean Planet and the Shallow-Marsh Planet

    ---Naturally generates unusual pearls that make a calming buzzing, which warms whomever is holding one; in addition to warding away malevolent-spirits & pacifies predatory-organisms

    ---Able to perform the "Clam-Clam Clap-Clap Dance", which has the simple-but-profound power of making ANYONE smile & laugh! Even the saddest spirits or angriest aggressors. That then leaves a lasting lingering happiness.

    * * *

    "Rainbow-Body Leuxonian"

    This extremely-evolved spirit has achieved moksha, yet chose the "bodhisattva path" of remaining in samsaric existence to assist others in liberating themselves from the cycle of death & rebirth as well.

    Having attained a state-of-being known as the "Rainbow Body", this Leuxonian photon-lifeform is immune from almost all drawbacks & downsides of being embodied or incarnated, which greatly enhances the capacity to entirely devote oneself to benefiting all beings (since the Rainbow Body is self-sustaining & has no needs of its own), and the primary source of suffering that is left... is knowing that uncountable multitudes of other entities are still trapped in an endless cycle of suffering, which provokes the compassion needed to stay in our continuum and help them.


    ---homeworld: rainbow-bodied aliens could originate from any planet or species

    ---Intrisically unbound from the ground & unaffected by gravity

    ---Able to teach how to reach "ultimate gnosis" through "skillful means" appropriate to each individual's quirks & flaws, so they can directly experience the truth of reality for themselves. (thus, achieving permanent freedom from suffering by ending the cycle of death-&rebirth.)
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    Okay, sooooooo: After mulling over what to include in the spots which seemed to not have enough written information, I decided to focus on "home-worlds" & "helpful attributes" .

    For anyone who wants to just skip straight to the updated parts, simply utilize "CTRL+F" to search for "<<<ADDITIONAL DETAILS>>>", which will bring you to the new bits in places with edits.
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    "Arborean Wyvernosaurian"

    "Arborean Seraphfloran"

    Here are two pictures which could act as examples for an alien species whose evolution was accelerated by the theoretical "player characters" of that 2D online/offline co-op sequel to Phantasy Star IV.

    The Arborean Wyvernosaurian would represent a NPC creature found on the Forest Planet, with a docile disposition & animal-level intelligence.

    The Arborean Seraphfloran would represent an unlockable species of Botanian available through character creation, once the previous evolutionary stage was elevated by "player character" activity. That effort by the Biologists/Technologists/Spiritualists would result in a newfound variant of Arborean whose sapience was awakened to a level above human-intelligence.

    A major feature of these two images is how the Seraphfloran still exhibits the primary physical characteristics of the previous Wyvernosaurian, even if the alien went through a dramatic shift in size & propensities.

    You can see certain details which transferred over from the original version, such as:

    ---Pink lotus-flowers blooming among the leaf-feathers of the wing-branches. Those beautiful blossoms are capable of providing floods of flower-nectar to nourish other lifeforms.)

    ---Wings of wood, which shifted slightly from the dragon-esque placement to a more angelic orientation.

    ---Root-feet upon the Wyvernosaurian now manifest as root-legs on the Seraphfloran, but the rhizomorphs still splay in the same way. (Specifically, there are two which stretch forward, while one stretches backwards.)

    ---And last-but-not-least of these details are the knot-holes. On the Wyvernosaurian, each eye is a knothole on the creature's facial sides; while on the Seraphfloran, a singular knothole remains in the style of a cloistered-monk's hooded-robe opening on the front.

    Pretty pleased with these cleverly carried-over commonalities of anatomy..

    However... the one thing I'm not happy with... is the unintended implication that to become "more evolved" a species must by default adopt an erect standing posture.

    To which, I feel compelled to state that I don't like that insinuation, since it is based on the human-centric assumption that our level of sapience is inherently connected to our own shift to an upright posture.

    But even putting aside the possibilities afforded by a fantasy-scenario....

    ...there is no reason to believe that if other sapient species exist elsewhere, that our anatomical progression would be directed mirrored by their own.

    Nor should someone presume that human-intelligence is the highest stage that could be achieved. (Which would further weaken the erect-stance correlation to evolutionary advancement/cognitive capability, if there were actual alien-species somewhere out-there who had significantly different biologies... especially if they had more (or less) legs than humankind does!)

    So it seemed worth mentioning all that, to clarify my intentions, despite these drawings exhibiting a shift in stance as part of the imagined-species' progression.

    It ultimately came down to visually-intuitive contrasts, like how the huge Wyvernosaurian is juxtaposed against the midget-sized Seraphfloran to depict how "getting better" doesn't necessarily mean "getting bigger".

    Perhaps it is pointless to be concerned by such matters.

    Especially since it is surely pointless to come up with character-designs for non-existent software.

    Yet, that very fact actually segues into another train-of-thought that's worth bringing up.


    All these ideas have bubbled-up from within, despite trying to move on from various aspects of my past.

    And after surpressing them for several YEARS, it came time to just share them regardless of the pointlessness.

    As a result, I am also able to convey various contemplations that have roots in deeper insights gained along the way.

    So, if from a spiritual perspective, ALL creative-acts are fundamentally erroneous "demiurgical" impusles... (Because we, supposedly, cannot improve perfection, which was apparently the original state of things BEFORE creation, which has only brought forth lesser iterations, that only continue to become more flawed with every attempt. Which only further exerbates the cycle of death/rebirth, since that provides the very impetus to "try again" each time..)

    ...and designing for a video-game inherently runs into such a fundamental flaw...

    ...due to the fact that the developers would be creating a world where life (for the player-characters in-universe) would revolve around solving problems & overcoming challenges in service to generating gameplay for the out-of-universe players...

    ...then the idea of creating a truly utopian world is sabotaged from the start!

    That's due to how the developers would be operating around an intrisinc deign-ethic that actually ensures those very-same creators would ALWAYS be making problems for the characters!

    Yet, in our physical reality, people don't go around intentionally making problems to replace the previous ones, just for the sake of "scenarios to provide things to do"....

    Rather, we try to solve real-world issues so they are concluded PERMANENTLY, with the hope that life will be better afterward!

    From there, these notions seem to suggest that developers would be much better off re-purposing all their brain-power that's presently spent conceiving of obstacles...

    ...towards inventing sustainable paradigms that would be a joy to inhabit, instead of a chore!

    Not only would this be innovative in general, but such usage of humanity's creative-faculties would atleast offer the secondary benefit of proxy-simulations that could potentially even improve our reality in the future.

    (Similarly to how science-fiction stories from the past occassionally arrived at ideas that have actually come to pass at a later date.)

    It is with that hopeful thought in mind, that I'll end this post.
    "For the benefit of everyone/everywhere/everywhen, may these ripples
    catalyze only cascades of goodness, with zero badness resultant.
    Spoken truly and sincerely."

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