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    Default How Add On Skills work + tips

    Post is corrected I think

    So let me give a short summary of how it works for those who don't know and correct me if I'm wrong.

    1. You can roll Class cubes in 3 tiers that cost: Tier 1 - 5k meseta (Main/Sub Generate Lv1 or higher), Tier 2 - 10k meseta (Main/Sub Lv11/5 or higher), Tier 3 - 50k meseta PER ROLL (Main/Sub Generate Lv11/10 or higher). Tier 3 Lv11 is place holder since it will roll at your current or higher Lv of the skill.

    2. You will roll 3 stats: 1 for your Main Class & 2 additional sub skills.

    3. Your main class skill & some sub skills will apply to all classes, even if you're not playing/subbing that class you still get the bonus. As long as it's not something like "Burn Resist Up (Hu)", it will be applied to all classes.

    ----------Example: You roll skills under Braver:

    Critical Rate Up Lv10
    Resta Sign Recovery Up Lv10
    Increase Recovery During Trials (Br) Lv10

    You main Fo/Bo, you will still receive Critical Rate Up/Resta Sign Recovery Up Lv10 (but not Increased Recovery During Trials Lv10) to any other class you play. (BR) falls under main class so it will not be active until you swap Br as your main.

    4. Your main class Level will remain at it's level if it does not roll at a higher level. IF it rolls at a higher level, you can overwrite your current roll for the higher outcome. You Sub level skills WILL NOT FOLLOW the Main class skill property of keeping the highest level, YOU WILL have to re-roll these and hope for God RNG on the 2 skills.

    5. You will want to roll your main class skill to it's highest possible level you can get (skills max at Lv20) before worrying about the sub class skills that come with it which end up being a big grind (and meseta sink).

    -----So some starter tips:-----

    1. Continuously roll Tier 1 for 5k each until you get a high enough main Class Lv you're okay with since rolling Lv20 is of course naturally a low chance of getting. If you're content with Lv18 for example then thats fine. If you're feeling lucky and have the meseta to burn, you start rolling Tier 3 for higher chance at better sub levels. Budget wise, you want to keep rolling 5ks until you get something you're happy with.

    ---------PRO PRO TIP: If you unlocked Tier 3 already and you're going to roll skills on another class, spend the 50k first on that class then roll from there, literally semi-free Lv10 start for the Main Class skill and w/e else it rolled with.

    2. Now comes the minmax grind, you're rolling for high Lv sub class skills for your class combo. This is where you will likely roll Tier 1 or 3 depending on your budget and well, effort of wanting to play Gacha with skills.Your main class level doesn't come into play for this part unless you happen to roll something higher than what you have so you can ignore it.

    3. If you play Alt characters still then these rolls you already applied on your main will applied to them as well, you don't even have to do anything to them as theyre auto applied unless you made different sets then you can swap them around. So a Lv60 could roll all the class skills and those would apply to a brand new character.

    Hopefully this clears up how the system works if you're confused, is this system good? I'd say no, it's going to make people upset, its going make casuals upset, etc etc it's way far from perfect.
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    Excellent article! Thank you for posting it!
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