The official twitter updated and more people are excited!!

PS4 has over 117,000,000 units sold, and with free to play access, it should bring it tons of more players and retain a lot of players too especially considering there's no other PS4 game with social spaces as good as PSO2 and worlds and customization and social atmosphere like PSO2/NGS.
plus with crossplay, that increases the numbers. and its really the #1 cooperative games this generation with almost a decade worth of content and NGS continues to get content, so newcomers are getting like two massive games for free up front, making it a better pick than the buy to play or subscription fee based mmorpgs out there. plus the action is wonderful! as more PS4 mmorpg veterans get tired of the ones they been playing for years, they can move to PSO2 NGS too, including the TERA fanbase which I think PS4 version is not supported? well maybe it still has servers perhaps, not sure didn't check, but if not, then its only natural PSO2 NGS would be the new home and worlds to explore. PSO2 NGS saves people more money than FFXIV, runs better than Black Desert, more appealing than TESO, and better social culture than all of them!