Things i want (as well as others more than likely) in NGS....
Personal and alliance quarters
personal quarters could be a futuristic, circular or rectangular, white room. Changing the theme to say idk naverius forests would change the room to appear to be outside on the planet neverius just enclosed by a circle of vegetation with maybe a path way acting as the door or a portal type of door.
this is great to really help players relax whereever they feel like whenever in the comfort of their own personal quarters..
could acquire something to watch concerts and movies on for the buffs..
it would be the same for alliance quarters but on maybe a slightly larger scale....
personal and alliance quarters can be changed to be either circular or rectangular...

More food options
using rare ingredients or a mixture of rare and regular you can make actual dishes which you can carry around as items and refresh your food buffs whenever in addition to having more convenient dishes..

there are so many great weapon potentials that id love to use at maximum level (ex. resurgir)
as much as id love to have to grind my way to the top with weapons that only increase in bp before getting to the good potentials, i have another pretty good idea..
Add a way to increase the level requirement as well as the rarity for a weapon or just add mk2 3 etc versions of series at higher levels... this way is better because if you find out what weapon works for your playstyle early on you wont be held back by potentially never having access to that weapon in later levels as it is essentially useless.
you could always try new things and im sure they will come up with some meta series that will make classes simple to play at the end of the game, but not everyone wants to play the same potential or have the same gear setup for their weapon..

Smooth leveling
urgent quests no longer pop up three at a time but once at a time randomly at increased intervals to further encourage re-experiencing previous urgent quests..
urgent quests have the appropriate level difficulties to bring most or all urgent quests close to end-game level of difficulty and gains
higher difficulty level quests can drop higher level loot from pretty much any zone....