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    Default Looking for old PC / PS2 PSU players

    Hey everyone!

    I've remained in touch with a few friends from PSU days, but lost touch with most.

    I used to be pretty well known for basically always being afk on 4th floor PSU.

    Just picked pso2 NGS back up after it finally has some content and some other old friends picked the game back up with the playstation release.

    I would have been known by Masou, Squeezit, or Pandora.
    Other friends that I'm still in touch with are Emelious, Ice Blue Ninja, ARNOLD / Terminator, Jakomay and a couple others who no longer have interest in phantasy star. There are quite a few others that I remember but have no way of getting back in touch with them.

    I also lost my original psow account and lost any friends I had on that account.

    Was hoping to meet with some old friends if there are any now that we're all old and grey.

    Edit: Sad days, I was really hoping to reconnect with some old players

    Some of my happiest days in my life were hanging out with people on PSU (that might sound sad, but I really valued those days)
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