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    Default Should you remake and +60 your gear?

    Your current units should probably be the exception to +60 (you don't have to if you don't want to) but the new units being slowly released are by no means a MUST when Stia is 2 months away and you're going to jump to that gear.

    Theres really no reason to +60 your 1-6* weapons (except for 7*s which you can't do right now) and jumping to the new units unless you fall under the following:

    -You're a new and returning player playing catch up
    -You do it because you're bored and you feel like burning resources for no reason
    -You're minmax'ing with no real content that actually brings a real challenge to warrant re-gearing (but purple trigs! ya sure)
    -For some reason you seriously want that 0.8/0.2% dmg increase from Decold/Gigantix units
    -You were too lazy AND still too lazy to make ONE Kaizar weapon despite having 4 weeks of free Blizzardium from Randomites & last but not least, for whatever reason besides it being boring, you refuse to farm Ancients for just one Kaizar weapon.

    It would be best to save your resources for Stia and use the gear there because of the eventual power creep and weapon upgrades (Kaizar) available then. However, you can jump to the Rugged series once they tank harder in price if you want or the middle ground of using Obsidia that are readily available from title rewards (later this month) or lucky drop from Infected Dolls.

    From what I've read, this chart should be final with the current gear tier. If you already made Kaizar, just stick with it unless you really feel like burning resources.

    Lv65 class vs Lv69 enemy

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    tl;dr "no". I don't even have a kaiser weapon (fuck ice cubes) and I have > 2900bp at 65 with pity stuff from the most recent seasonal shop.

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