and greatest games to date! There's so much good and great and inspiring things about them! even PSO2 still feels like new! Greatest stories, characters, battles, lots of things! It would take a novel to explain it all though its free to play so people can try them. the story keeps getting better and better and more interesting too! the english VAs enhance the experience too! SEGA should make sure to preserve these games and make them playable even after there aren't servers cause they can sell big even as standalone single player games, though SEGA is strange with their decision making so people should make the most of it while they can cause its a shame what happened to TERA (and Dragon Quest X offline looks so dumb and such a major downgrade, Square Enix's worst demake ever).
Servers are not always gonna be around, so considering SEGA might do something foolish like leave it behind than put together an offline version that preserves the graphics and whatever content is there, the time to savor PSO2 and PSONGS is NOW!!