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    remember when Nadere learned how to sing and she was singing through the speakers in the areas around retem???

    WELL WHAT IF instead of having to sit and watch the same concert everytime in retem it would project itself out into the areas around retem city like for the duration of the concert increasing meseta/drops/exp by a ton (like 100%) i mean if she is only going to sing the same songs it might as well have a bit more to it... and farming these areas you will still get concert buff when the music is over...

    tldr: make concerts use speakers outside the city and effect combat in central and south retem to bring players back to that area during concerts...

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    forgot to mention that during concerts when farming affected enemies alpha reactors would be added to the rare drop list if possible to make it even more appealing of an event not just to experience but to take advantage of..

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    When Retem was added, I really thought they'd be utilizing the 'photon speakers' or whatnot around the area to play her songs regardless of if you were in the city or not. Was a little disappointing when those were mentioned but never used.

    Might have been a technical limitation or some other reason for it, but it was still a bummer, though it may have driven some of the playerbase crazy not being able to ignore the actual concert music, especially when mags playlists are overridden when the concert is playing.

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    That's an interesting idea and would have added a variety to the area as it would be a Retem exclusive feature. Maybe even have it so you had to be near a speaker to hear the music so if people didn't want to listen they could avoid the speakers.

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