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    Default V.G.M. Cover-Versions on Bandcamp

    Came across several well-performed cover-versions of songs from the original Phantasy Star series,
    which are available on Bandcamp.


    As directly indicated by this album's title,
    this is a "piano-only" performance of the first Phantasy Star's O.S.T.

    The instrumentalist has recreated each song with skill,
    as anyone who is familiar with the music will easily recognize the melodies, despite the shift in style.

    Recommended for anyone that enjoys a delicate & peaceful vibe.


    Next, we have a "metal version" of a track from the fourth Phantasy Star.

    This song is well done, but the artist only covered one track from the series,
    with everything else on the corresponding album being from different titles.

    It's enjoyable even so.


    Then, there's another artist who also opted to cover a variety of series,
    with two tracks from Phantasy Star IV among their separate albums.

    Both are VERY well done "metal versions" of the boss themes which accompany the encounters with Zio and The Profound Darkness respectively.

    Excellently executed, this pair of covers can be recommended to anyone that appreciates the amplified energy inherent to the shift in musical style!
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