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    Unhappy returning to this forum in 2023

    oh boy i remember how back in 2007, i posted some screenshots of the ending for phantasy star universe episode 3 that a japanese PSU player had posted to niconico, which shows PSU's ethan waber and karen erra flying through space and seeing a ghost of mirai and whatnot, then a bunch of forum members lashed out at me here on the forums, claiming that i was reposting old character images from episode 1 for my fake post to deceive everyone, whist accusing me of lying before reporting me to the mods, leading to the first incarnation of the thread to be removed.

    after explaining the situation though i was allowed to remake the thread, and after that i posted more screencaps and people finally came around and saw that it was real and legit, not fake. though some people still say i was in the wrong for not having explained myself earlier, inferring even though they falsely accused me, it was still my fault.

    anywho the experience left a really sour taste in my mouth back in 2007/2008, and after returning briefly in 2011 to ask a question, which i then erased the contents of the thread shortly after because of the bad memories, i decided to pretty much left the forum for good back then.

    can't really say those were good times, though i'm back anyways because i need to contact someone here, i'll make a thread explainng what that fuss is about, in due time.

    anywho, i'm back as an old-timer, i guess?
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    Heh, good or bad, at least you're back for nostalgia.
    Since this is FKL, mandatory
    Blink & you might miss it! ;3

    Oh, keep sig at 600x180 px & 49KB, yah?

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    o.o bit of a ghost town huh, dyl

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    not much of town, mostly ghostz ;3
    Blink & you might miss it! ;3

    Oh, keep sig at 600x180 px & 49KB, yah?

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    At least it exists I guess

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    i originally came back here to find broomop, because he's the only one who had the no-gameguard EXE for playing PSU episode 1 offline, i wrote a detailed account here of how his gameguard bypass worked despite the memory leak issue associated with it back then, because i feel like playing PSU offline again and i was hoping some people here could reply to my earlier thread below and tell me where to find him

    schthack forum has purged all old post and accounts so i couldnt find the old forum post where broomop could be located, so after making the above topic on broomop, i tried to find some trace of broomop in the lounge subforum HERE, but instead i was surprised to found Zoarb, who talked down to me on dreamcast-talk for being a newbie where he also openly bragged about how he's laughing with all of you from PSO-WORLD in schthack server's DM of PSO at how mentally ill i am, whist inferring i have no friends and have no life. see some of the stuff he wrote below:

    Zoarb wrote:
    Enough waffle. Let's address some of things that observably state "op should seek therapy" about this post.

    Zoarb wrote:
    We are all laughing at you and talking about how unhinged you are coming across in dm's and in other places.

    Zoarb wrote:
    OH MY GOD! Talk to people!

    Zoarb wrote:
    You have made 5 posts in total on these forums. All in this thread. You have contributed nothing to this community and have only made a laughingstock of yourself.

    SOURCE 1:

    SOURCE 2:
    he even took a screenshot of my dreamcast talk forum account and public-ally posts it to the dreamcast-talk thread to shame me for being a newbie with a low post count, only for me to reveal that i've been a member on the dreamcast forums in neoseeker for 19 years, submitting dreamcast articles on sakura wars 1/2/3/4 under the name "onlygraphics"

    while you have only heard his side of the story where he conjures a tale of how i came back to PSO world forums to bully him, you should read the thread on dreamcast-talk forums to see how he acted towards me. as i said, i only came back to look for broomop because i needed his gameguard bypass for PSU offline
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