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    Cool Reminiscing PSU and Broomop from 2007

    i became a member here back in 2007 when i got into phantasy star universe a number of years after the official chinese servers for PSO PC (Vela/Volans) were shut down.

    at the time i bought a physical copy of PSU for the PC, but unbeknownst to me, even the single player portion of the game required connecting to gameguard's servers, since my parents had cut off my internet some time prior to force me to focus on passing my graduation exams, i literally was left hanging with PSU and unable to start even single player.

    this all changed when someone on the old schthack forums pointed me to Broomop's website, where he hosted a slew of tools including a "no gameguard" EXE file for starting the single player portion of the game. and in that instant, i was in the world of phantasy star universe. all of this was thanks to Broomop and his work on PSU. as far as what the folks in schthack forums have told me, Broomop was the only one who made the gameguard bypass for offline.

    that being the case, broomop's gameguard bypass offline EXE would randomly lead to a blue screen of death with a memory leak error on my pc, this would happen randomly and i'd lose all progress up until that point and would have to start over. thankfully PSU has enough save crystals around for me to save. while i went to Broomop's forum on his site to report the problem, with Broomop trying to help me to troubleshoot what was wrong, in the end the memory leak problem couldn't be fix. although i was able to finish single player and i was always grateful to Broomop for that. anywho, how is broomop these days?

    that being the case i was a little disappointed with how Phantasy star universe had alot of stuff in the 2004 trailer not made it into the final game, including the war with the 4 races and also lumia being made into ethan's sister, rather than his girlfriend who watched his shuttle soar into the skies as she bids him farewell.

    well that's all i got to say for now.
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