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    Default PSO2 stuff from 2017

    pso2 chi.jpg

    the above screenshot shows the then active servers for the chinese version of PSO2 from before it was shutted down back in 2017 after 3 years of operation, along with the same old content and with everyone else moving onto the JP ships. i only played on the FIO server for a little bit before it was shutted down.


    moving onto the JP ships, back in 2017 i'd randomly joined in other people's parties and leeching off their experience point when they kill high level bosses, so basically i was just randomly jumping and frantically running around in circles hoping i wouldn't get mauled or hit by the boss during all the chaos. meanwhile the japanese players are usually nice enough to keep buffing me and kept reviving me even though i kept getting killed, which was pretty funny.


    back then sega also released a chinese version of Phantasy star nova for the taiwan / hong kong market, i actually bought a copy of the game even though it wasnt very good......i played it for awhile and you're basically stuck inside the same ugly desert environment in the beginning, and the design of the default HUmar's clothes looked atrocious and they are always ripped/broken/damaged, coupled with the sci-fi feel of PSO2 being watered down due to the survival theme which i didn't like. in the end i just traded the game away for cash but now i wish i gave the game a chance.
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    PSO2 nostalgic always hit me hard

    i can't believe it's has been 10 fucking years, me and my friends had so much fun back then


    if there's gonna be ever an PSO3 i hope to see you guys there
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