Am I wrong or missing something here? What do you do when you want to change your main class to something much lower level than your current class? I dont want the class at all, as primary nor secondary class. So what do i do to continue on? Cant do story any more without switching back to the high level class that I dont want to play. Dont want to bring the class in to story missions because id be stuck playing that class, obviously lol.

So what do I do? I dont even see a viable grinding option to level up so i can continue the story and what not. And Segac, yes Segac (look up knock off kubara from PSU lol), in their infinite "wisdom", has those obnoxious level jumps when you complete part of the story. I really hope that idea isnt because of lazy gamers who whine about having to play a game instead of just blasting through to level cap so they can sit in a lobby all day waiting for noobs to come up and say "aww cool outfit d00d! Where did you get it!?" Dont lie lol, a ton of phant star players do exactly what i just said lol.

Regardless, that disgusting FORCED level jump destroys your play through if you don't want to stay on the class with which you were going forward in the story. They can't possibly expect people to just sit on one class.... uh, right?