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    Default Fresh Meat in 2024

    So after a completely small time frame of two decades or so of being intrigued, I finally got myself going on PSO lol. I always wanted to play it since its first release back in the day on DC, and I had a friend down the block who played it, but I didn't have a Dreamcast and mom wouldn't have gone with the whole subscription part. I had a lot going against me and sadly missed it during the prime.

    Anyway, here we are in 2024 and I just started up my first file ever as a RAmar on DC v2 (lvl 16 currently and just beat caves). I got my Dreamcast online, and have the keyboard, so I'm all set to go and fulfill that intrigue. I gotta, so far I'm really loving it even though I've just been offline to learn the game and level up a bit. I've snuck on once or twice but haven't done a lot online yet.

    I wanted to hit up the forums first before going online much. Mostly to get some insights from others, and since there's the extra meta layer now of selecting a private server (I'm currently setup for Sylverant). That and there's the whole aspect of me being in a unique position of both brand new but also being in the age group I could have played it during original release and having very limited exposure to it during the period - thought maybe some people would have fun with that aspect.

    Would also be cool to make some buds on here and get a gang forming so I can play it proper online. :P

    I'm also a software developer, so I'd love to look into ways to make side things for the game. Importantly I don't want it to be like cheating or remove from the main game experience, so it'd be limited and be a complimentary piece. One thing I was looking into was creating a VMU app so you can view/show your character stats and items on the go, and swap items with others (which I think is incredibly weird SEGA didn't do for PSO and feels like a perfect fit for it). Perhaps even allow you to raise MAGs on it, but of course with limits - such as only having access to items from inventory/storage to feed the MAG and no additional way to earn money/items. It'd be no different than just loading the game and sitting around feeding the MAG on DC, except you could do it on the go. I'd also love to do some classic web dev for minor things, such as being able to extract character data for showing stats or character profiles or something. But anyway that's kinda a big tangent there - and I'd still have to actually sit down and look at the VMS format and all that to see what I can do. Just the new player excitement flowing lol.

    On an even more unrelated but humorous note from new, I wasn't even aware of the PS series prior to this game and thought it was the first of it lol. Figured someone would get a kick out of that.

    But yeah, so I sort of wrote an essay here as my first post and probably should stop here haha. Especially that it's kinda all over the place. Feel free to hit me up for either tips, ideas, questions you might have for me being new in 2024 to POS, dev work, or maybe playing online together, or whatever!

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    Welcome, it's better late than never.
    Feel free to use the guides here, if they are relevant. I don't know how useful the guides on this site are when private servers can have their own contents. Since you're a dev, you might even come up with some fun things to keep this game series going even longer.
    Have fun.
    Blink & you might miss it! ;3

    Oh, keep sig at 600x180 px & 49KB, yah?

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    Welcome aboard. PSO was my first exposure to the Phantasy Star series too and I owned both a Genesis and Master System. Turned based RPGs weren't my thing so I paid no attention too them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paracosm View Post
    I got my Dreamcast online
    Didn't even know this was possible.

    Anywayhope you'll like it

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