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    Well, I'm new here. I just wanted to say HI. I love this game sooo much. Anyways, I'm not online yet, I have the GC version, and can not seem to find a asapter. I'm always looking though. Doesn't help I never have cash ^0^, well. You can see my info that I update at least once a month thru my personal site in my sig. It has my friends info too. I need to fix something in there. Anyways...thats all I got, cya!

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    Very cool, welcome to PSOW and make sure to check out forum rules before posting

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    Thank you, yes I have read the rules already, ^-^

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    Well, if you ever find an adaptor (don't worry, I'm sure you will ) Then maybe we could play together sometime!

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    Yea! Hopefully..I am worried about FSOD and it as bad as I hear?.. Scary. I just started Episode 2, and I must say, beautiful! I love it!.

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    Hmm, well the FSOD has only happened to me once truthfully. I personally have not been hit hrd by it.
    However, there are plenty of people who have had that sort of thing happen to them, even corruption! Don't worry though, I think Snapple (snAPPUrU-nyan-ko) has some sort of guide to prevent this from happening alot.

    I remember when FSOD' everything that's not equipped gets deleted. Which means that you want to keep equipped whatever you need and don't bring extra items that you really care for with you... or something :/

    Don't worry about it though, I've managed after losing some precious items. It's not too bad

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    Well, hopefully I'll not get it to often. Well, now that I'm in the seabed upper levels or something, the second level after the VR, and there are about fifty different guys that can go invisible, and annoy me, it is no longer beautiful. Hehe, maybe it will be easier in single mode without my friend, heh.

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    Is your level 61 in VH or Ultimate?

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    He's in VH. He's lvl sixty-six now, hehe. I want some new rares..wahh..sob.

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    Aww, what ID would he be?

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