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    For anyone who has used the program yet, please give your feedback about it here!

    Haven't tried it yet? Try it here:

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    It's good, Briliant idea

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    Should I also note that I found this?

    It's the Mac OS X version. Actually, it's 8.1 to Mac OS X. It's a Carbon app...

    Meh, I'd bet me, Lollipop, and a few others know what I'm talking about.

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    Hi Everyone,

    First off I'd like to say that this is really great work! I'm a MAG farmer myself and I've always envisioned MAG planning software, if I actually had the programming skills I probably would have set out to do this long ago

    My thoughts on the program:
    I think the software is very useful and I'd love to see it expanded. I know it's in beta and perhaps in the final release this will be implemented but a MAG Plan generator based on type of mag and desired stats would be awesome. I'll elaborate on this:

    The GUI would have a pull down menu of all the various mags. The user selects this first.

    Afterward, you are given an input screen where you enter your desired final mag stats (ie. 5/145/50/0)

    After this step is complete a "Process" button could then produce the most efficient feeding plan to get the desired mag. This would include details such as what to feed the mag, when/whom to hand it off to at certain stages, etc.

    Great Job and Keep up the awesome work!


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    Ive been thinking about this program for a while but have lacked the programming knowledge to make it, I think its fantastic!

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    Fantastic work James.

    You deserve a Chocolate Milkshake!


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    Only problem i've had with it up to now is the mag level isn't capped at 200.

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    so far i beleive its awesome, but the downside is there is no mag cell yet, otherwise it is perfect
    perhaps if you could give a timer or ticker that could indicate when the best time to use a mag cell would be, that i beleive would greatly help out

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    read the front page. in v1, james will add mag cells and a mag timer. so it's all planned.

    but james did receive some not so encouraging feedback over at another board so was discouraged about working on it.

    now you guys let's all show james that this is a good program and it's useful and helpful and that he should definitely work on it. and that we're thankful for it.

    and please suggest ways that james can improve his program. so if you want this to happen, let's make it happen.

    i'll be compiling feedback to show james ^_^

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    On 2003-05-29 18:51, LollipopLolita wrote:
    but james did receive some not so encouraging feedback over at another board so was discouraged about working on it.
    Dont listen to them. Continue the good work.

    Anyway, I like the program.
    Good job James!

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