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    lvl 80 skyly humar : yamato+26, dragon slayer, angry fist+5, varista+10, holiness armor and delsaber shield, god/arm, master/ability, general/battle, god/hp... lvl 179 Rati with high synchro and max IQ, Golla, Farlla, and Pilla PBs... im on ultimate caves

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    get rid of that god arm and get some god powers. what are the stats on the mag. Since your a hunter the mag should have high power. And it should be lvl 200 by now.

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    DONT get rid of the god arm, hitting things is the most important thing in ult. also, lvl up a bit b4 u hit the caves, make a bunch of forest runs. since ur skyly, (i think) as soon as u get good u can get a couple of nice things from the caves. also what are the stats on ur mag?

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    also get rid of the angry fist, its not that good

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    I agree with Excecutor, ATA is your best friend in Ultimate and don't hesistate to take your time. Practically every area in Ult has decent rares.

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    Erm, get rid of the General/Battle. I have one and it's useless. Use something like a /Body or /TP instead.

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    mag : OW-75 MIND-39 DEX-40 DFP-20 im gonna replace the fist with God Hand once I do Soul of a Blacksmith quest

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    On 2003-07-08 16:00, jediknight007 wrote:
    Erm, get rid of the General/Battle. I have one and it's useless. Use something like a /Body or /TP instead.
    idk y i equipped it i wanna find a god/ability or god/power... i dont think skyly can find god/battle

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    First thing I would suggest is making a new MAG. You've wasted far too much DEF and MIND on that MAG and it's absolutely hindering your progress, not to mention it has only one useful PB (imo).

    If you have a free memory card slot, make yourself a fodder ranger (any will do, you're simply going to steal its MAG). Using that ranger, feed the MAG Antidotes until it reaches level 10 and learns the PB Estlla. At this point give it to the character you're playing (ie. your Skyly HUmar) and continue to feed it Antidotes until it reaches level 35 and learns the PB Pilla. Then feed it Monomates, Dimates, or Antiparalysis (do not let the DEF go higher than 10 or the DEX go higher than 40 and make sure that the DEX is higher than the POW) until it reaches level 50 and learns the PB Mylla & Youlla (remember, you absolutely have to feed it with your skyly HUmar or an equal character at this point to learn the proper PB). From level 50 to 99 feed it a combination of Dimates, Trimates, and Antiparalysis until you've gotten it to have the stats of 10 DEF, 49 POW, 40 DEX, and 0 MIND. Now you should give this MAG to either a male force (Nidra) or a female force (Sato) with one of the following section IDs: Bluefull, Redria, Viridia, or Whitill. Make a fodder character if need be. Then feed it Dimates to bring it to level 100 with the stats 10/50/40/0 and it'll become a special MAG as noted prior. You can choose to another MAG form, as well, but these two are the best for functionality as they cast invincibility across the board. At this point just feed your MAG Dimates until level 200 to make the final stats 10/150/40/0. Voila, easy power MAG on a special form.

    Secondly, you could use some better weapons. Your choice for weaponry is okay, but it really puts you in harm's way. If you can decently handle the Cave, I would suggest looking for a rare Pouilly Slime (using the TP trick will yield faster results) and get yourself a Demolition Comet to replace your Yamato. You might also get lucky and score a Chain Sawd and/or Red Sword, which you should absolutely use to replace that has-been Dragon Slayer. Your gun is probably the biggest issue. Skyly doesn't have much in the way of handguns. Your best bet will probably be a Bravace, which you should be able to find from random boxes beginning in the Ultimate Cave 3 and up. Hope for one with a decent hit bonus. Also, you should keep your eyes peeled for a good pair of Gatlings or Vulcans. As Skyly you'll rarely see them, so if you find a pair with a good hit bonus take advantage of them. The rest is up to you to keep at it and persevere.

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    wow vulpes, that's some really great advice... you REALLY know a LOT about mags, dont u? thanks a lot

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