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    My Friend just got PSO for the gamecube, we played PSO for the Dreamcast about 2 years or so, when ever it first came out... anyways we kick ass in the Dreamcast version, but no we seem to be having problems getting further in the game in the gamecube version... Im a lvl 14 Humar, my friend is a lvl 12 Fomar, and my other friend is a lvl 10 Ramar... and for some reason it seems impossible for us to beat the caves boss, ive read pretty much all the guides on this site, which were very helpful (mad props to the writers) but i dont know if our reading comprehension is at a 3rd grade level or what.... sorry i dont have a list of equipment or mag level. I do know that i have a bran +10 and my mag level is 29 (5/3/12/9). any help is welcome... i think we need to gain a few more levels so any ideas where to gain some exp quick... We are also having an issue with money for some reason, we have to spend it all on monomates, monofluids and what not... so like i said, any ideas, tips, tricks, help is welcome.... Ill try and post exact stats later today, im at work right now so i cant check....

    Thank You

    Oh we are playing Episode 1 (im sure you figured that).... is it worth playing Episode 2 for a little bit to get better items, or is there not that big of a difference in the item drop and stronger weapons/armor...

    also what level does your magic have to be at in order to cast it on the other players...

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    I beat the boss at level 10. Have the force cast resta and Shifta/Deband on you guys while the HUmar attacks De Ro Le while he is on the boat and then have the RAmar attack him while he is not on the boat.

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    In addition to that, if your FO has it, have them cast RAfoie. I normally have it by that point, because some enemy drops it somewhere in the caves...

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    Try beating forest a few tiems for levels or just run through the caves for spells.

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    Offline multiplayer has sure been vamped up on the difficult side compared to single player. More enemies, more health, more attack. I remember when I started a new char and began it in multiplayer with a friend he just got mopped up by all the monsters.

    Anyway, just level up the guys a bit and you'll eventually get past the caves.

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    ya, i remember trying to beat him with a force and ranger... hard a s hell. if u cant get rafoie use gifoie, anything that attacks multiple enemies

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    Gizonde works well on him also. I do hope you guys have The wormy's attack pattern by now, so if you follow that it should be a piece of cake, or pie. . Pie is better.

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