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    I remember reading something about PSO Translating from Japanese to english and such. Well when i goto Japanese servers i get Japanese on my screen, when they come to US servers i get the same.

    Now my question is simple, did they lie to us and it doesnt translate? Or is there an Option i have to find somehow? or does it turn on after 1million hours?

    Realisticly i'd love to play on JP servers since they're less laggy then the regular servers lately. That and i've had about 4BSOD's this week which unnerves me. It seems to crash when i have alot of mestas on hand (close to 700k).

    So as this is about Translation, any answers anyone?

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    Well, there's always the create-a-topic stuff, when you press 'Y' then 'X', but as for automatic translation, I believe it only translates simple hiragana. No katakana or kanji. It also translates simple stuff from our language to theirs.

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    Yeah, alot of times there is nothing in "Word Select" that matches what your are trying to say, so you have to put whatever your trying to say in more understandable terms, such as...

    If your trying to say "Give me back my weapon!"

    You must put in "Give back weapon!"

    Usually that will work, but sometimes you have to simplify it even more, just work with it until they understand you. Japanese people are very patient, and understanding, and will usually wait for you to get out whatever you are trying to say [thats what makes them good people to trade with, not to mention they have all legit, and rare weapons... and they don't cheat, steal, or hack]...

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