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    If there is something really annoying and irritating in PSO that is when you're going online, and you find a team that you think will be suitable, and you burst away to meet them.
    And then, all the characters keep talking german, french or spanish or whatever. And you don't understand a word, and they don't care enough to start speaking english.

    Part of the online playing is to be able to communicate, without communication it's just not as fun.

    So I think every team who just wont speak english (depending on server of course) should mention that somewhere in the team name. Some do that, many don't. So you end up returning to lobby too many times not to be irritated.

    That's my and many others oppinion.

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    Out of curiosity... were you using the fixed chat messages, yourself?

    I don't understand. >Everyone.

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    Heh, I have this prob too. When I enter a Japanese game I try to ask them to use the translator but there's no exacte way to do that other than "I don't understand." or "I am from North America." either of which don't exactly ask them to use the translator.

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    I was fascinated too see that you're in Sweden, when it's usually us Brits and Americans who moan about the fact that no-one will speak English, despite the fact that our nations make little effort to learn other peoples languages.

    I think on the whole, most non-English speaking Europeans get a hard time. It often goes like this:

    1. If a Brit player joins a team with 3 Germans, the expectation is that the Germans have to converse in English so that the Brit can understand

    2. If a German joins a team of 3 Brits, the German has to either converse in English or f**k off.

    Obviously this is a gross generalisation about my fellow countrymen (and women) but I have been shocked a couple of times about the treatment that other nationalities suffer. I was in a team once where 2 other Brits started making Hitler jokes at the sole German player. I was so disgusted that I offered to play with the guy on my own in a passworded game.

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    Sheesh, some pretty harsh people out there.

    I enjoy playing on Japanese server quite a bit. I have translated Pirotess's quick omments into Japanese, which helps alot( thank you/help me/mag feeding time). My use of the word select has improved alot as well.

    Anyone who hasn't tried playing with Japanese players should give it a go. The are, for the most part, very fair, polite and fun to play with. Especially when both sides try to bridge the language barrier.

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    Yeah, the translator... But it's not very often you care to use it if you (as I did) bought a keyboard just to be able to chat with acceptable speed instead of just saying "Yes", "No", "Ok", "mag", "Help" a.s.o...... I just thought if some people just included a "(ger)" or "(fr) or whatever in the teamname, things would be more convenient.

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    I had my first game on a Japanese server recently. ^_^

    When I landed into the game, I saw the standard Japanese text, and used the word select for "I don't understand", and lo and behold, the Japanese player used the word select too! ^_^

    I'll never figure how that player managed to use...

    Thank you

    ...really quickly though.. ^_^;; Must be from practice. ^_^;

    Heh... fun... I might go there again sometime... ^_^

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    When i joined my first game on the Japanese servers, the first message i recieved was, "What will you steal?" Not being TOO familiar with the translator, the best i could get out was "i don't need an item> everybody" i was kinda upset that this was the first thing those players thought i was there for.

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