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    Answer question.

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    Giulietta block 10

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    oh yay you got your copy. come join us tonight!

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    I am playing now.

    Well playing is too powerful a word, how about stumbling around not gracefully.

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    salad is in game. guil 10 in a game with ste and psow lurker, shiver.

    wait in the lobby and she'll come out and see you there?

    erupt and i just logged off, we played with dangerous dj and sumire!

    what's your character name?

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    Galahad, I'm pretty unoriginal like that. I'll be there most of night with my stunning lvl 1 char

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    i wish i could play but i dont even have the trial
    BUT i will import it and play when the full version comes out.

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    galahad come online to guil 10 lobby 16.

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    hey ill be on all night. omg can u believe i accidently erased all my data?? it was my fault to, so tonight im tryin to get them all back. I had a hildetorr which was my all time favorite card ever! im so sad i lost it.

    my name is Q64.

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