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    I've been thinking about the recent announcement of PSO2. Considering that its said to be coming somewhere around the end of this year makes me think its the other half of PSO. After all, if you look at the various quests, it stirs up a couple of issues....

    - Unregistered people on Pioneer 1.
    - Tests on new A.I.
    - The underworld cartel : Black Paper.
    - The secret mission behind Elenor and Dr. Montague (which sounds more than just photon research)

    But very few of the big questions have been answered. I think Sonic Team realised the game was too big to complete all at once and had to split it into two pieces. In fact, we only have 9 out of the 18 possible character types in PSO!

    Sonic Team did just that for Sonic 3 and made the Lock-On technology with Sonic & Knuckles to complete the two games back into one. At any rate, it bears the question.....Is there more that was planned than Rico's spirit being released?


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    Oh GRRR!! now you got me thinking.

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    Thinking? Oops!

    Seriously, though, it makes sense. What Sonic Team was doing with this game was probably just too large than what they could afford in one development phase....especially with SEGA on the rocks and all. And knowing enough about game design, PSO, as is, certainly needed a load of manhours to complete. Especially, if you consider all the little details put into the game, graphically or otherwise....

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