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    Bane of enemies
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    Oct 2003
    Lost in game


    i've been lurking in here for some time, and FINALLY i managed
    to log in! cool!

    i've been playing PSO for...some months i guess. unfortunately,
    i'm only an offline player. that's ok, it's still fun and if necessary, i can fool around in a multigame too.

    as my profile and signature says, i use LeanneX as a nickname. i'm 20 and a student. i live in n. europe, if someone wants to know... IS possible to study and play at the same time...!

    also i use *only* female characters (that's what i am). i love my FOnewearl, RAmarl and RAcaseal. my friend's kind and sometimes let's me to build up his HUcaseal. she's a babe too.

    i think PSO-world looks great, so i will now quit now this crappy introduction and take a good look what's in here.

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    Gardian of the Heavens
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    Apr 2003


    Hope you enjoy your stay, i use my male character alot(cause im male) hes my lv 61 FOmar, i play offline alot with my friend HellzYeah at his house, he has a RAmar. so our team is...
    Alan, FOmar, Viridia, Lv 61 (Me woo)
    Nick, RAmar, Greenill, Lv 40

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    Hi! I also have to play offline but I'm trying to get online.I hope you enjoy yourself here.

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    i use a guy and a girl but im a gurl and my guy is stronger cuz he haz more luck so i use him but i dont have online yet

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    Inside, Outside America


    i use a guy but currently he is being held hostage and hes my best char. so right now im using a HUcasel i play offline but i hope to play online very soon

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    Hello and yes all girl characters are better than guy characters(except for maybe Fonewm might be a LITTLE bit better than Foneweral)

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    That depends...are you a woman?


    Welcome...I use a level 200 ranger named Pontius (won't say anymore) who is currently locked up for killing a police officer, but I should be back out into the free world today or tomorrow.

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    Less than Great Britain


    Where abouts in europe? There seems to be a lack of us on here.

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    I'm not lol. A lot of people i know are though, no lack of them is apparant to me.

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