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    It's gonna be my first one and it's also gonna be an epic story spanning a whole lotta chapters, and just how to do it. I have plans for characters and such but i also need info on the pso time line. Oh yeah and what kinda programs do you use to write with.

    Thanx in advance.

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    Do not use MSWord. Well, you can use it if you turn off all the autocorrect thingies, I think. But I do mean ALL of them.

    So, You're going to write a fic starting at like, PS1? The original? Hmmm, That's going to be hard to link together. I'm sorry, but I haven't beaten my Phantasy Star Collections yet. Nor have I played PS4. I wish you luck in your hunt!

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    Wordperfect works for typing things up. MSWord/works does not.

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    i use wordpad for my fic. then just proofread it before i copy and paste.

    hmm, about the whole timeline thing, im not sure, but best of luck

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    I was always considering doing a PSo timeline as I interpret it, with approximate dates to events as seemed realistic or to fit in with my fan fics.


    7 years ago - Pioneer 1 arrives at Ragol.

    5 years ago - Ruins discovered. Flowen gets infected and fakes death. Gal De Val island facility constructed.

    1 year ago (approx) - De Rol Le escapes into sewers.

    Present day - Pioneer 2 arrives at Ragol.

    1-2 hours later - Communication interrupted by explosion at central dome.

    6+ hours later - Calus starts to send messages to Elly.

    4 days later - Rico possessed by Dark Falz. Less than an hour later, message received from Flowen at unknown location several miles south of central dome.

    5 days later - 'Gran Squall' sent to investigate.

    6 days later - PLAYER starts.

    3+ Months later - Falz defeated. Second message received from Flowen, traced to Gal De Val island.

    5 Months later - PLAYER goes to Gal De Val island.


    21 years later - Episode 3.


    I my proposed treatment I would have gone into detail about plot points mention in the quests.

    Hope this information is useful!

    PS Most of dates/times are approximate. In your own story feel free to manipulate Time & Space to suit your needs.

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