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    Ok, i've seen numerous technical problems from various members in the forum.
    Most just state the problems so vaguely, that it's impossible for willing & helpful members to assist.
    Some probably do not have the patience to visit an older thread multiple times just to see if more detailed info is available. >_<

    So, if you want help & results quicker, tell your situation as clearly as possible..
    ..what, when, where & how

    such as system you use, error messages that appeared, & any other accessories or devices involved in the problem, etc.

    Also, please be patient & wait for your answer..

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    Stuff to include:
    • Location
    • System (Gamecube, XBox, Computer)
    • Dial-up or Broadband
    • Internet Service
    • What type of Broadband (Cable or DSL)
    • If Broadband, what type of modem (if it has a USB or ethernet connection)
    • How you are setting it up (such as Broadband router, or linked through computer)
    • If using a router, what type (company and wired/wireless)
    • Description of error(s)
    • What type of cables being used

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    previously posted here:

    Problems getting online? Need help?

    If you are having trouble getting online, and you want to get help, you need to give details of your set up, your ISP, and your location.
    Definition of set up:
    Broadband or dial up, do you have the broadband adapter, or the modem adapter?

    For Dial up (56k modem)
    Do you have any special services on your phone line, such as call waiting, CLID or anything else that may give a different dial tone?

    For broadband
    ISP name?
    Your location (county/state/country, for example Derbyshire, UK or Florida, USA )
    Broadband type Cable? Satellite? DSL? Wireless?

    Now for the details
    What type of broadband modem do you have connected to your P.C?
    what make/model is it?
    Does it conect to your P.C using a USB lead or an ethernet lead?
    Or is it an internal DSL modem( the wire goes from your phone lead to your p.c just like a normal modem)

    If you have a problem, put it in a new topic, so more people can see it, and then you will have a better chance of a reply

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