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    I can't find a good description. I've seen the screenshots on this site, but no one has added a good account of it's abilities.


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    Cool, another "Wheel of time" person

    In answer to your question, the Psycho wands special attack is to randomly cast Foi, barta and zonde. I find it to be a very cool looking but rather ineffective weapon. It can be frustrating to attack a monster with the special attack, only to cast the wrong spell over and over not doing any damage. If your looking for a wand, I really like the C-sorcerers staff. It has tp steal as its special and reduces casting cost by 10%.

    Hope this helps.

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    It also reduces TP cost for all spells by 50%.

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    I've had a psycho wand for the last few weeks and didn't use it because I though it sucked. I didn't notice the 50% reduction in casting cost. This wand kicks butt, as long as you don't use the special attack.


    *Caresses frying pan*
    "No one will replace you frying pan!"
    *Deposits pan in bank and takes psycho wand*
    "Nooooooooooo", cries the frying pan

    Will this be the end?

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