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    My vote goes out to Sepheroth or however u spell it. ITS SO ANOYING...!

    SS goku,trunks,vageta and all that other stuff is anoying too..

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    a wooden crate with bubble wrap


    sephitoth and cloud for one. and basically any name that has reference to Dragon ball z

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    I'd have to go with Omega. I see so many of them. There weren't that many when the game just came out, so I felt special then. Now just another omega...sigh...

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    No offense to all the Omegas and Zeros but I have to go with those two. Er, maybe it's just because my friend has an obsession with those people. I dunno.

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    But of course I;m the best Omega out there

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    when i got the game the first day it came out there were pretty much no omegas or zeros (i thought of the name myself!) but i argree there are too many now. and actually the best omega is me little children cry at the site of me joining a game. oh and i should be king of androids too also I set you all up the bomb! gwahaha

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    I would have to go with any name that refers to any other RPG. Come on people, get original.

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    yeah its like all they play is ff7 and dbz wth? lmao i love these things rotgl j/k pso

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    I love ff7 i really do but too many people using the names sepheroph and cloud. I must have seen like 10 different people with those names. If you go to the jap severs i swear i saw a cloud sepheroph aries tifa redXIII and a vincent in the same lobby. comon people think of your own names!

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    Personally, I vote for " Gon Fishin ", I mean, really whats that all about. and do you ever notice that everyone just calls him 'pizzahead' anyways. talk about annoying!

    ,agd8""' .d8888888888bga,
    ,gdP""' .d88888888888888888g,
    ,dP" ,d888888888888888888888b,
    ,dP" ,8888888888888888888888888b,
    ,8" ,8888888P"""88888888888888888,
    ,8' I888888I )88888888888888888,
    ,8' `8888888booo8888888888888888888,
    d' `88888888888888888888888888888b
    8 `"8888888888888888888888888888
    8 `"88888888888888888888888888
    8 `"8888888888888888888888
    Y, `8888888888888888888P
    `8, `88888888888888888'
    `8, .oo. `888888888888888'
    `8a 8888 88888888888888'
    `Yba `""' ,888888888888P'
    "Yba ,88888888888'
    `"Yba, ,8888888888P"'
    `"Y8baa, ,d88888888P"'

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