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    I just recently made a trade that even though it was fair the item seemed too good to be true. I am starting to wonder if it was hacked or duped. If so do I have to worry about it messing up my game or anything like that?

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    should'nt this be in the cheaters forum?

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    There is another topic similar to this... no exactly like this...

    To rephrase it in average-daily pso terms...

    NO it won't. You only corrupt if there is some evil force behind the hack you have, or you pull out your memory card while saving/fsod while saving.

    Best way to put this... buy a BroadBand modem, and have some cable services, and you're well-protected by 89%, meh.

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    How do you get an FSOD? I play only offline now do to cashflow problems but i would like to know how to keep myself from messing up my characters if the items will cause them to corrupt.

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    If you play offline from my knowledge there is no way you can FSOD. Only if you play online and someone basically FSOD you (cant't tell you how because forum rule forbids it) If you decided to play online and when someone FSOD you, your screen should freeze and there is a low humming sound comming out of the TV/monitor. Then you have absolutly no way to deal with it other then to turn off you GC/or any other console. When you turn it back on you should have lost everything your carrying except for the ones you have equiped. But good thing is everything in your bank is still there

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    FSOD can also occur without someone forcing it on to you. That also goes for online only. If you want to avoid it, don't go to places with lots of people in it, as this seems to make the chance of it happening bigger.
    Aside from that, it can still happen, even in when you're in a team alone.

    But, as long as you're offline, no worries

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    Sorry folks but a friend of mine has experienced FSOD offline. I'll say it's about as rare as rare can be but it is technically possible. There's also less of a chance you will lose anything since it doesn't save until you quit & save.

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    Well techniqually you can sorta get one, if you're duping with the shop method and you screw it up then the background music freezes on whatever the last note was and everything stops. It's actually quite scary, lol. But you just go back to the last time you saved it, no losing items that aren't equiped or anything.

    The only other way i can think of really would be pulling the memory card out of the GC as it saved, but that would be a pretty stupid thing to do. I am not 100% sure what causes a FSOD, but it must be something to do with extreme lag, because sometimes your game goes really slow just before you FSOD. You get the same symptoms if your line gets disconnected and the GC doesn't recognise straight away. Either way the FSOD is caused by something online, so don't worry about it if you're offline. And if you're unlegit, then just don't screw up when you're duping, simple.

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    Online FSOD might have something to do with your NGC being ping'd too much, or ping'd at the wrong time. I'm not sure, but it's the most reasonable explanation I've heard. That at least explains why crouded lobbys, spammers, and lag tend to FSOD you.

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