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    I talked to Creinu somewhere along the Arkz story line neer the end, and she told me a story about two twin sisters. I listened to the full story and I came to teh conclusion that she was talking about Pollux and Castor. She said things along the lines as they were clone over and over to make the perfect Clone-weapon. Does this mean there could be more Castors and and Pollux than the Two we actually get to fight? probably. I'd just hate to face off against the whole lot of them! YEESH!

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    that would be fun

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    Multiplayer bosses? Fight multiple Pollux and Castor clones?

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    i dont think that refers to pollux and castor but rather to Rufina

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    Spoiler* maybe...

    pollux and castor is really red's daughters that were mass produced or something... and abandoned...

    Red had 2 daughter that were cloned, and put into weapon research... if u read that topic about latin names, pollux and castor in legend were family. So, it make sense that pollux and castor are family like the legend counter part, then Red will be the only guy around who have 2 kids that were dead and cloned... he tells you later.

    Rufina is probably and maybe used as test subject, and later rescued by Break and KC. She maybe are related, but there are no direct indication... so whatever.

    I could have misread some part but those are what I remember

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    On 2004-03-22 09:44, Alisha wrote:
    i dont think that refers to pollux and castor but rather to Rufina

    I remember someone saying Rufina is actually Sil'fer (that sexy thang)'s clone o_O

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    Somewhere along the lines it's also mentioned that Red has the daughters in hibernation. Castor and Pollux are likely abandonded clones, altered by the "germ" power. IMHO i think that Rufina is one of the abandonded clones.

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    For some reason I think Kroe and Anna, from episode 1 have something to do about rufina. Just my opinion.

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