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Thread: Real Cards

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    here are the cards i got with my PSO Ep3 Mem card, the pics are high-res, so it may take a while to load on 56k, but hey, you can read the little coralian (?) text on the back of the cards!

    The Cards

    and here's the back:


    *throws his Gibarta card!*

    damn, I guess they aren't real...

    [edit] BTW, the number system is different from the GCN game's... to me that means that sega might actually be making a real card game

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    In that one, Viviana looks mighty happy to be attacked...

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    Your cards doenst seem to be real but the design does. Maybe you are right and they are planning something.

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    No, the cards are real, they're promotional items, available through pruchasing:

    PSO Ep.3 (import) (5)
    PSO Trilogy (import) (5)
    PSO Ep.3 Memory Card (5)
    PSO Ep.3 softbank guidebook v.1 (Technique and Megid) (2)
    the umm... Sammy? PSO KB. (5)

    As far as I know, that's the only way to get them.

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    Lolli, I have Weakness and Reversal that aren't listed there, i'll scan those for you shortly. As well as Rafoie, but I wont have that for like 1 1/2 week I'll PM you scans in 15-20min.

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    You mean theres no boosters available? Only promo cards?

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    None. It's not a real card game. They are just promotional items that the JP had in the above mentioned products.

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    sure i have 2 more cards to scan and a couple more packs to check

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    more packs? -_- How many of those things did you buy? @_x I really want to get that one with Sofia on it. Personally I bought the game (5 cards) the Ep.3 Memory Card x2 (5 cards x2) and the softbank v.1 guidebook (Technique and Megid).

    Annoyingly, the v2 softbank book didn't come with any cards :/

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