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    Let's submit some of our poems, PSO related or not, into this thread. It doesn't have to be one you wrote, you can put some of your faves in here from other authors. Let's see the poets of PSOW. First one is mine that I wrote not too long ago:

    //Why does the heart still sting?//

    Why does the heart still sting?
    When I think of you, my heart stings.
    It longs to have your heart as well,
    To become one with you.

    Restless nights and tainted days,
    Going on without you wieghs on my heart
    Like chains I must drag with me
    every day.

    Why does the heart still sting?
    A question with no real answer.
    My heart still pings for you,
    But will it ever come at rest?

    It wishes to be satisfied,
    But that may never come.
    An emptyness inside of me,
    a whole that might not be filled.


    She's a summer love in the spring, fall and winter

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    O endless nights take not my heart
    for the love I have is not to part

    O coolest of sweat run
    tis time for rest after the fun

    O how my legs burn with power
    I slowly temper their might hour by hour

    O finish line
    thou hast yet to be mine

    (I made that just now!)
    (sucks tho )

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